If anything is certain, that is that the casinos are always in profit. No matter how much we play and how much we win, the house will always be in profit. This is especially true about the table games such as Roulette since it has a slightly bigger hold percentage compared to slots for example.

The whole game is designed so that at the end the casino will keep more than it gives away, and it keeps the money of the players. However, we all play to win, and everyone that has played has won something, which is what gives us the drive and makes us focus on that. At the end of some days, there are some people who win at roulette – and they win quite a lot!

Biggest Roulette Winners in History

There are some big winners throughout the history, and all of them have experienced what life-changing prizes actually mean. There are lists online which rank the winners according to the money they won, but because of the constant change of the value of the money, that’s kind of a difficult thing to do. Here they are:

Charles Wells – 2,000,000 Francs

In 1891, a small-time crook and shady person called Charles Wells went to Monte Carlo to do what he enjoyed the most – gambling. He started playing Roulette and eventually, he drew a lot of attention in the casino. This is because he had won 23 out of 30 consecutive spins, closed the table and the bank on it by winning over 1 million francs and made the table no longer available for playing.

This wasn’t enough as he returned at the same casino and won another 1 million francs! He was known for his scams, but the two biggest wins in his life were completely honest. The casino was searching for some inconvenient manners, but they found that these wins are based on pure luck

Ashley Revell - £135,000

In 2004, Ashley Revell decided to take all his life savings, sell his house, his watch and everything that was of some higher value in his life and place it on one single spin. He went to Las Vegas and decided to place it all on red – either double everything he had or lose everything he ever worked for.

After spinning, the ball lands on a red 7 pocket, and Ashley Revell leaves the casino with double money. The prize is not a big one, but because of the guts that this guy had, he deserves to be on the list.

Joseph Jagger

Joseph was a mechanic who went to a Las Vegas casino to try something out. After analysing a complete report of a wheel’s last 3-week landings, he found out that the wheel is slightly imbalanced.

Because of this advantage, Joseph Jagger won £375.000, which is more than millions in today’s money.

The casino found out what was going on, but Joseph could care less as he quit his job and invested the money in his private business, never to enter a casino in his life again.