New Slots For 2014

New Slots for 2014

Here are some of the more interesting slots to have come out in the UK during the second quarter of 2014.


Lights (NetEnt)

Sometimes the dullest-sounding slots can make for the most glorious visuals. A slot about Chinese lanterns shouldn't really be of much interest, but the mystical visuals have that dash of magic-dust that make them rather captivating to watch. The lanterns shine and glow, while clouds of fireflies float around the reels, finally descending to light up the Wilds, or shooting across the screen as luminous arcs.


These features aren't necessarily gimmicks, either. The fireflies, for instance, deliver random Wilds every spin. And the quantity of those Wilds will be doubled for the free spins game (triggered with three Yin and Yang symbols), and the plentiful Wilds coupled with the possibility of 50 free spins can make for a lucrative few minutes.


The slot only comes with 9 paylines, so you'd be forgiven for thinking it might be a little dull. But those random Wilds, coupled to the prospect of a 90,000x jackpot, makes this a bumper treat. Add those sumptuous looks, and this absorbing game has a strong 'one more go' factor.


Terminator II (Microgaming)

Slot film and television tie-ins don't always have their ear to the ground. We've only recently had the Ghostbusters slot (good though it is). And now comes The Terminator II. A brilliant film, but it's taken 23 years to get here!  That small concern out of the way, it's actually a pretty spectacular slot, offering glorious cut-scenes from the film, and cinematic graphics that very much match those of the best film-related slots.


The standard game gives you 243 ways to win, which is enough action for most slot players. However, trigger the free spins game (by hitting three of the time travel scatters), and an extra row is added, upgrading you to a fantastic 1024 ways to win - and without it costing you a penny!  You can also get extra T-1000 wilds during the free spins, so some astonishing wins should be possible. You can also access a random bonus game, where you survey the scene for hidden cash prizes.


Overall, we liked Terminator II. A lot of the fun comes from the free spins round, and the addition of an extra row really does make for a rewarding experience that satisfies your lust for riches.


Black Widow (IGT)

And speaking of slightly behind-the-times film tie-ins, here's one apparently based on the Debra Winger 1987 crime film. The plot has her cast as a investigator looking at the connection between several millionaires who have died only a short time after marrying - it turns out the same woman is marrying all of them, and then killing them for their inheritance. Now, it's not a bad little film, but it's not one you're likely to remember unless you're a genuine buff - or Debra Winger herself! So is it really likely to draw players to the game?


Well, we can only assume IGT have bought the rights more for the intriguing story, and the game makes good use of the theme, encouraging you to trap the hapless husbands in your web for extra multipliers. Frame the murderess herself, and you unlock the triple-meter bonus - this could be as much as 1,000x. The free spins round (accessed with three poison scatters) can be retriggered, allowing you to build up to a very generous 98 spins!


Rather like being the Black Widow herself, this game is very much about reserves of patience while waiting to snag those huge bonuses. Not a great deal happens most of the time, but the payouts can be monstrous. For those who like the thrill of the chase, Black Widow's a very well implemented slot.


Xcalibur (Net Ent)

With its blend of mystique, adventure and danger, mythology tends to be fertile territory for inspiration-starved slots producers. Xcalibur, new to MrGreen, is far from the only Arthurian-themed slot (the Avalon series spring immediately to mind), but it should prove a very pleasing diversion for fans of all things Merlin.


With its 50 paylines, it hits a nice balance between the extreme levels of the triple-figure Ways To Win slots, and the watered down 10/20 models. The graphics are bold and clear, if far from the most exciting we've seen - they lack the magical mystery of Avalon II, for instance.


The free spins round (accessed by scoring a trio of Merlins) comes with a nice 2x multiplier, although the lack of retriggering will make it hard to put together life-changing runs. There is a bonus game as well, although this entails little more than picking bonuses from behind doors.


There's nothing amazingly astounding about this game. But the action and games keep coming along with good regularity. We'd still recommend Avalon II over this, but it'll do nicely as a quick fox for Arthurian fans.


Red Mansions (IGT)

At first glance, this slot may not seem to be anything out of the ordinary. It's one of the many Asian-themed slots, and follows the fight for supremacy between Chinese houses. As such, you can expect the appearance of lots of princes and princesses , and a variety of other elegant though slightly dull symbols. The main draw of the game will be the Multiway Xtra feature. You can play the game as a standard 40-payline slot, or you can add on almost twice the bet and unlock the 1,024 Ways To Win version. The latter obviously delivers more action, although it does cost considerably more as well.


What the game really needs is a little more in terms of action. The game can feel a bit slow. The free spins feature is fairly standard, and bonus games are very much in short supply. It looks quite nice from a distance, but we didn't find it charming or exciting enough to keep going back to.