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Deposit £10 Play With  £60

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Mansion Casino offers some of the best slots that you can find on the gambling market. It has a partnership with some of the best gaming development companies such as Microgaming, IGT, NextGen, NetEnt, and many others, which are the giants of the industry.

Check out the casino and the user experience as well as the customer support they are offering to make sure you understand that we are promoting one of the best casinos you can enjoy slot games at.


Mansion Casino

When you first enter the Mansion Casino site, you will notice a plethora of progressive jackpot game ready whose reels are ready to be spun, and the amount of the jackpot currently being stated below the game itself. To play a Mansion Slot game, we suggest you look at our Slotswise site and find your favourite slot, go through to some of the casinos that we have a partnership with, as they will help you get to the jackpot a lot faster with some welcome bonuses and free spins that they have installed for you.


Progressive Jackpots

There are plenty of Mansion Casino slots offering jackpots, while a high number of them come with progressive Jackpots. They are definitely one of the most played online games because the prizes that you can acquire by playing them can often make your eyes pop out.

There are three different progressive jackpot types: The Stand Alone Progressive, the In-House Progressive and the Wide Area Progressive, and we will talk a bit more about them.


Stand Alone Progressive Jackpot

The very first type of progressive jackpot to emerge in the online slot games world. The Stand Alone progressive jackpot is for one game only, and you can feed it only by playing that game and you can win the grand prize only by playing the same game. This kind of progressive jackpot offers a more frequent win, but the amount can’t get as high as any of the other two progressive jackpots because it’s linked only to one game.


In-House Progressive Jackpot

The In-House Progressive Jackpot is a little bit different than the Stand Alone because you can win the jackpot by playing several of the games that are linked to the jackpot. Usually, a group of several slot games with the same theme are bound together, and you can either feed the jackpot or win it from all of the slot games. The rewards are bigger compared to the Stand Alone jackpot, but you need more luck to win them.  


Wide Area Progressive Jackpots

The Wide Area progressive jackpot is what we all want to play and what we all want to win. This jackpot has a jaw-dropping prize installed as the jackpot is linked with multiple games and multiple casinos, and many players play at the same time, trying to win and feeding the progressive jackpot. As expected, to win this jackpot, you need to be extremely lucky as the chances are much lower.