Blackjack is rightfully considered to be one of the most popular casino games. It is also very classy, but yet very simple, so it can be played both casually, as well as by players who are quite rollers and like to bet big. Reputable land-based casinos always offer Blackjack, but when the first online casinos appeared, a lot of players took their game online. At an online casino you can play both Blackjack and Live Blackjack so, it only makes sense to ask the following question ‘Is online Blackjack the same as live Blackjack?’ – and that’s exactly what we’re going to explain.

Rules Of Blackjack

Let’s go through the standard rules of Blackjack before we get to explain online Blackjack and live Blackjack. As you may have heard before, many describe the goal in Blackjack in the following words – ‘to reach 21’. Technically, that’s not entirely true, because yes, the best way to win a game of Blackjack is to reach 21, but your goal is to beat the dealer, so you don’t necessarily have to be at 21 to win.

Blackjack Win

In standard Blackjack, the dealer deals you two cards and then deals to themselves. In some variants the dealer deals one of their cards faceup, whereas the other is not open. If you have 21, you win the game right away and that’s called Blackjack.

Hit Or Stand

Otherwise you have two main option – hit or stand, with few other additional options depending on the specific Blackjack variety. If you hit, you will be dealt an additional card. If you go over 21 you will go bust and lose the game. If you stay you will keep your current combination, whereas there are strict rules for the dealer and whether he/she is supposed to hit or stand, and the dealer has to follow the rules, it isn’t possible to decide arbitrarily whether they want to hit or stand. 

Card Value

When it comes to card value, all cards have their face value, the Ace can be calculated as one and as 11, whereas all face cards are counted as ten. So, if you have a king and a queen, your hand value is 20, whereas if you have a 9 and an 8, you have 17. A 17 with an ace and a six is called a soft 17. 

The rules of Blackjack may be amended, altered and changed so that the house edge is moved to be more favourable for the player or the house. Although you are allowed to hit 20, generally it is not advisable to hit above 18, but it all depends on the dealer’s faceup card also called hole card. 

Double, Split And Surrender

In some variants of Blackjack there are additional options – you can double, split or surrender, and there’s also the option to take insurance if the dealer is showing an ace.

If you double you get another addition card and you double your wager. It is not possible to hit once again if you go double. If you opt to split your pair will become two pairs and you can play them separately. In that case is possible to win with one hand and lose with the other. Finally, to surrender is to take half of your wager and not finish the game. You should only use the option when you think that the likelihood for the dealer to win is a lot higher. 

Online Blackjack

The rules that we explained above are the rules for standard, land-based Blackjack, but if you were wondering what is different when you’re playing Blackjack online, we have to say that there are no differences. So, if you’re looking for an answer to the question ‘Is online Blackjack the same as live Blackjack?’, we should tell you that there are no drastic differences. 

Online Blackjack is no different than land-based Blackjack. The game is powered by a software that simulates the gameplay and creates the same winning opportunities, as if you were playing a Blackjack game at a land-based casino. The software is called random number generator (RNG).

Is Online Blackjack The Same As Live Blackjack – Yes, It Is!

Live Blackjack is a variant of actual Blackjack played with real cards that takes place online. Yes, there are real dealers, other players and everything that’s otherwise part of a land-based Blackjack game. Live Blackjack, real money, of course that sounds tempting to all those who are fans of Blackjack. If you know how to play standard Blackjack, you will definitely know how to play live Blackjack. Unlike software online Blackjack, live Blackjack isn’t powered by a software, it is played with actually cards. If you’re looking for the best live Blackjack online, have a look at our featured casinos, many of them offer live Blackjack.

Can You Card Count Online Live Blackjack?

Now, those who are a bit more experienced in Blackjack have surely heard of card counting and we anticipate their next question – Can you card count online live Blackjack? Well, it is possible to count cards, but the thing is that they always cut the decks once half of them have been dealt, so your card counting isn’t really effective. 

Otherwise, card counting isn’t forbidden, you can even find card counting software for online Blackjack, but we doubt it’d be useful, as casinos make sure that players won’t be in a position to lower the house edge by card counting. 

Advantages Of Live Blackjack

Many players nowadays prefer live Blackjack and there are plenty of reasons for this. Firstly, live Blackjack gives you an opportunity to experience real Blackjack, play against actual dealers, in real time. Plus, many online casinos offer various live Blackjack variants.

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