If you’ve decided to take up blackjack as your favourite casino card game, you will be in for many great surprises as the game is one of the most popular in the world, and because it has a pretty high return to player rate, i.e. a low house edge, which is the same. Blackjack can be played at any given casino in the world, either as a virtual game or at a table with a live dealer. Online casinos are also stacked with the basic blackjack game and its variants, but the players can play with a live dealer too, as many casinos nowadays offer that option as well. 

This game is so popular globally that there are countless tournaments, both official and unofficial, that gather onlookers and television crews which broadcast the action. Although not as open to social engagement as the basic poker or Texas holdem, Blackjack is still one of the most appealing games to casino-goers. Many people know that there are strategies that could lessen the house edge to the player’s favour so we are going to share some info on what is basic blackjack strategy.

Basic Blackjack Strategy Explained

Basically, this is the way to go if you want to decrease the house edge and put yourself in the drivers seat of a car that has a pretty skilled co-pilot. First order of business in developing the basic blackjack strategy is improving your memory. If you are able to memorise numbers and charts to the tee, then you can indeed make a significant improvement to the odds of a blackjack game at any given casino. 

Basic Blackjack Strategy 100

The reason why we are not calling the part Basic Blackjack 101 is because that needs to be met by some really basic basics if you are to get a grip on the game that give you a finer edge versus the dealer. Memory! If you want to take this seriously you must learn the tricks of improving your memory. There are many great online tutorials for improving your card counting memory, but you need to give it practice. You won't see much of a difference during your Blackjack game if you've just glanced at a guide and are thinking that you know how to card count. 

Next is your ambition to learn. There isn't a single way to improving your odds at blackjack. What starts with counting cards and a chart will eventually develop into an intricate science of sorts that ought to improve your intuition. So make sure that you dedicate a part of your day, or week, to practicing and refining your memory game and understanding of the charts. 

Playing Blackjack? Watch Your Steps 

There is an order to the steps/decisions that you are making in a game of blackjack, that need to be followed if you are to improve your odds. If you are serious about mixing up the house's edge, first find out if the casino where you are playing allows you to surrender on your first two cards. If you can surrender, that might improve your odds on given hands. 

Are you able to split the cards? If you've been dealt two cards that are valued at ten, or you get a pair of the same, then you keep that in mind and decide if you should split. Next is, can you or should you double. If you have a great hand, the dealer may not allow you to double your bet, but in some places you can. This is one step closer to dsicovering what is basic blackjack strategy that you can apply aywhere. 

Blackjack Surrender Split

Keeping in mind these possibilities, we are moving on to the probabilities in which you are able to surrender and split.

If your cards are 16 or above and the dealer has a 9 through ace, do surrender if you can. If you have 15 and the dealer has ten, you should surrender as well.

About splitting your cards - do not split the tens; do split the aces; do split the eights; do split the nines if the dealer has two through nine - except if he or she has a seven; do split two sevens if the dealer has two to seven; do split two sixes if dealer has two to six; do split a pair of fives if dealer has two to nine; do split a pair of fours if dealer has five and six; do split two threes if dealer has two through seven; do split two twos if dealer has two to seven.

Blackjack Soft and Hard Hand Totals

Remembering the following sequence/logic is fundamental to improving your odds. A soft hand is any hand of two cards that contains an ace. Always keep a soft 20 (Ace and 9). Do double A and 8 against dealer 6; double A and 7 against dealer 2 through 6; double A6 against 3 to 6 for the dealer; double A5 and A4 against 4 to 6; double A3 and A2 against dealer 5 to 6.

A hard hand total is any pair of cards that does not include an ace. The following sequences instruct you to stay in the game. 17 and above; 16, 15, 14 and 13 against 2 to 6 for the dealer. Stand with 12 against the dealer's 4 to 6. Always double on 11. Double 10 against 2 to 9 and double 9 against 3 to 6. Always hit on 8.

Where Does The Basic Strategy Come From?

This was not invented by the casinos. Perhaps they eventually learned it, but in all reality this is the product of a computer model which was programmed to play blackjack many times over. That resulted in outcomes which appeared to be part of a pattern for the particular pairs of cards, so it was concluded that whenever those specific pairs occur the outcome has always been that which gives the player an edge against the house. 

Where Can I Play Blackjack?

You can apply the basic blackjack strategy in any blackjack game. The virtual games work no differently than the standard live dealer game, but the second is a lot more fun the the first. You can play live dealer blackjack games online.

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