There were tons of questions on our address regarding the correct strategy for multi-action blackjack, and that’s exactly what we will be speaking about in this article. What is the correct strategy for multi-action blackjack, how to play multi-action blackjack and how to get the most out of the game? There is no wonder the people who are playing blackjack to wonder and search for answers regarding this question online, as there are almost no guides by the casino and there is rarely a casino which will explain how this works. The game continues to pop out everywhere on the internet as well as in the land-based casinos all over the UK, and it’s expected for people to wonder.

There are several things that we will focus on this article apart from the correct strategy for multi-action blackjack, and those are the alteration of Blackjack basic strategy when there is a stiff on the first and second hand, as well as the effect this has on the player and house advantage.

At a Multiple Action blackjack table, every player that’s playing on the table has three betting spots. The rule is to bet on at least two of the spots, but he can bet on all three if he wants. Keep in minds that some casinos may require you to bet on all three sports. The dealer, however, will play out his up card two (or three) times, against the consecutive player bets. 

History of Multiple-Action Blackjack

Four Queens Casino in Las Vegas is responsible for the multi-action blackjack as they invented it, patented it and put their mark on it. If you want to feature this game in your very own casino, you will have to pay Four Queens $500 per month per table to offer it. If that fee sounds high to you, rest assured that it does not sound high to the casinos who are offering the game.

But why is this game that popular and why do people always tend to enjoy it more and more? The promotional literature provided by the Four Queens answers this question.

There were some operations and some testing where the Multi-Action blackjack table with a £2 minimum bet performed well and showed a win of almost 50% higher than the original blackjack game while the original had a minimum bet of £5. The casino where the tables were monitored was opened for 24 hours per day, seven days a week with six decks and identical rules.

Since the Multi-Action blackjack table required at least two bets, the actual minimum bet per player hand was $4, meaning the action is just a bit off the traditional $5 blackjack table. In fact, the Multi-Action blackjack table showed a drop of 10% larger than the traditional table, indicating that either people were more attracted to the Multi-Action blackjack table, or that the players who were attracted to Multi-Action blackjack were betting a bit more than the original blackjack table, thus covering for the third position that is missing in the Multi-Action blackjack.

Now comes the fun question – if the drop was only 10% larger, why the difference was almost 50%?

We can find the answer in the hold, which is actually the percentage of drop that the dealer wins back from the players who are buying in. In the Multi-Action blackjack table, there was almost 25% hold compared to the 16% hold on the original blackjack game.

Basic Strategy at Multiple-Action Blackjack

We love starting with questions, so why do the casinos win more with Multi-Action blackjack? We have to answer this with an example.

The player is dealt a 16 vs. a dealer 10. Player hits and loses all three bets! Players at Multi-Action blackjack tables, even smart players who should know better, are standing on their stiffs when they should hit.

All the players think the same, and in this situation, the player thinks that if he bursts, which he usually does, he would probably lose all three. If he hits this hand, like all the times, he has a chance to win and a chance to lose it all, but if he stands there is a chance to get at least one of the dealer’s hand, and that’s what encourages him to play safe and not to lose all three bets. This is one of the worst logic in the Multi-Action blackjack.

The fact is: correct basic strategy does not change one bit at a Multi-Action blackjack table. Not even the house advantage changes. The casinos are cleaning up on this game because smart people are playing like dumb tourists, and dumb tourists are playing even dumber.

Why Card Counters Love Multi-Action Blackjack

This is a fact – card counters love to play Multi-Action blackjack, but why?

Because with the combination of multiple bets and lots of players frequently varying from basic strategy, it’s much easier for the card counters to play around the system. It is a strange situation with the Multi-Action blackjack where an innovation can make both, the card counters and the casino, profitable. Multi-Action blackjack does just that!

If we give out advice to the card counters, we would tell them to find these tables and seize the opportunity. On the other hand, if you are just a standard basic blackjack player, stick to your strategy and don’t be tempted to follow the card counters’ example as it takes years to master this skill. If you do, you will just be a target to those who are doing it professionally and you will end up placing your money in the pockets of the card counters or the casino owners.

What is the correct strategy for Multi-Action blackjack? Everyone with their own strategy, just follow one of these two and stick to it.

Check out our guides if you want a bit more information, and follow the casinos on the right-hand side if you want to give it a try.