A lot of people visit the casino on daily basis and they spend most of their time in the land-based rooms full of shiny objects, green tables and coin sounds. These people enjoy the thrill, satisfaction and excitement that the casinos present. It has all moved to the world wide web in recent years, and while the feelings are the same, there are other things that can let you know whether a person loves the casino games as much as he states, and this time we will be speaking about blackjack and all the characteristics about this game.

Blackjack players have developed a communication around the game itself, and there is a whole terminology when it comes to these players. Just like you see two people speaking about football or a video game and you don’t understand anything (unless you are a fan of it, of course), it’s the same with the Blackjack.

If you are asking yourself what special terminology is used by Blackjack players, you are in the right place, reading the right article, so here goes nothing.

What special terminology is used by Blackjack players?

There are a lot of words and phrases that are being used by the Blackjack Phrases, and since there are so many of them and we want to cover them all, we will start immediately.


Ace is the best card that you can receive in the game of Poker, and it’s the winner of them all. The Ace has two values – it can either be a one or an eleven, and this is your call, depending on your other card, the cards on the table and the ones dealt by the dealer. If you have a 10, you want your Ace to be 11 and you have a natural Blackjack, but if you have 6 and an Ace in your hand, you want to decide whether you want your card to be 1 or 11, with a total of 7 or 17.


The Bankroll is the amount of cash you are willing to play with at any casino game. This is the amount you are ready to eventually lose, as you are investing in something which doesn’t have a stable return percentage. If you have £500 that you plan on spending for the night, and £200 of those are for Blackjack, that is your Bankroll.

Double Down

This terminology can be also heard only as Doubling, and that’s the process where, after closely examining your cards, you decide to double your original wager. This often happens in the world of Blackjack, where right after the second card, people want to double down their £10 and make them £20.

If you have a jack dealt and you win the bet, you will receive a payout of £40 where £20 are your own money and £20 are what you’ve won.

Face Cards

This is an interesting terminology used for all the card that has a face or a human being on them. Here, you can find the Jack, Queen and King cards, as the most valued ones from the whole deck (apart from the Ace, of course).

These cards are just over 23% of all the cards as there are 12 in a standard 52 card deck. In a game of blackjack, they are valued at 10 points each and are one of the most favourite cards in a standard Blackjack game.

Face-Down Blackjack

This is the version of Blackjack where every card is dealt face down. This version of the game stops you from examining the dealer’s cards until all of the cards are dealt. This is one of the harder games to play as blackjack is much easier when the cards are Faced Up.

Face-Up Blackjack

This is also known as Double Exposure, and it’s the version of Blackjack where the dealer deals the card face up. Here, you can examine what the cards of the dealer and the other players are like, and base on that you can make a move. Don’t forget that they can also see your cards, and base on what you have may come up with a better plan, so don’t think it’s always easy and things go your way – prepare for every situation.


To Hit or also known as Drawing, means to ask for another card. This is often signalled with a knock on the table, if you are playing in a land-based casino, of course. In the faced down games, you signal for the hit by sliding the cards back and forward.

With an additional card in your hand, you are increasing the value and may go over the limit of 21.


This is an often term used in all of the casino games and it refers to the cards that you are holding in your hands. There are hard and soft hands where different strategies apply.

Natural Hand

Natural Hand is the terminology used when you are holding two blackjack cards in your hands. This can a 10 and an Ace, a Jack and an Ace, a Queen and an Ace or a King and an Ace. In other words, the Face Cards or a 10 + the Ace form a Natural Hand. Their combination should be 21.


This is a terminology which shouldn’t be present in anybody’s dictionaries, as surrender is never an option! However, if you surrender in a Blackjack game, you are giving up on your current hand and receive half of what you’ve wagered. When you look at this from a different perspective, it’s actually a good tactical option when you don’t have good cards in your hand. When you know the dealer has an Ace and you have 7 and 8 for example, it’s a good idea to surrender as you will receive half of what you’ve wagered rather than nothing.

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