Anyone who has ever tried playing blackjack, either online or in a traditional casino, knows why this casino game is so popular. It is one of the card games which entered casinos since their beginnings and firmly stayed there to the present day. Today, blackjack is not only popular in traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, but it also has a great number of followers online too. That is why you’ll find people of all ages playing it recreationally either at some casino or on their mobile devices as a form of entertainment. What makes this game so interesting and why is blackjack so popular? Let’s find out!

History Of Blackjack

When it comes to the origin of blackjack, no one really knows where this game originated and maybe this mystery adds a bit to the popularity of the game. The game itself is probably hundreds of years old, but it’s popularity started picking up in France in the 1700’s or so. What is known is that around that time, an exciting new card game was introduced in the gambling houses in France.

It is a well-known fact that these gambling houses in France were the gathering places for the rich, where they played games of chance while sipping cognac and smoking cigarettes. Just like the French fashion, blackjack spread throughout Europe like a wildfire and found its permanent spot in casinos all over the continent.

Moreover, when the New World was discovered, blackjack was taken over on American soil and soon became one of the most popular card games in American casinos. Since then, its popularity has been on the rise, and it seems that it will not fade for many years to come.

So, Why Is Blackjack So Popular?

There are many reasons why blackjack has become the popular game that is, but we have decided to list only a few that we deem the most important. Let’s start!

Ease Of Play

One of the main reasons why blackjack is such a popular casino game is the ease of play. Unlike poker or some other casino game, blackjack is not that complex game to play with very few rules. These rules are easy to understand, and you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to figure them out.

The ease of play combined with several tips on how to make decisions in certain situations is yet another contributor to the popularity of blackjack. It is very important to know when to hit, when to stand, when to split and when to insure your bet. This is not rocket science and if you just search online for blackjack rules and strategy, you’ll find plenty of pages giving out the secrets for a successful blackjack game.

Blackjack Has Low House Edge

When playing in a casino, the house edge is what determines how likely are you to leave the casino with cash prizes in your pockets. Simply put, the higher the house edge, the lower your chances of winning during your play. This is the main reason why some roulette varieties are so popular because their house edge never goes over 6%.

When you play your cards right, pun intended, blackjack offers an incredibly low house edge. It can go down to one per cent, which is low by any standards. This means that if you have the skills and you are good enough at the game, regardless of whether you’re playing online or at some land-based casino, your chances of winning at blackjack are pretty good.

The low house edge of blackjack is what keeps players coming back for more again and again. When you know that there are good chances of winning you’ll certainly come back to play at that casino establishment. 

Blackjack Strategy And Skills

When playing blackjack, you may not need as many skills as when playing poker, but you’ll definitely need some skills to play the game. Now that you know this fact, you are aware that blackjack is not just up to chance. You need the right decisions in the right moment because this will affect how your game unfolds, so making the right move in the right situation is of utmost importance. 

On the other hand, slots and other games are based on chance and you have no control whatsoever on the unfolding of the game. With blackjack, you have a different story. Knowing that skills, not luck, could allow you to beat the dealer and other players, is another reason why players are coming back to the blackjack table again and again and why is blackjack so popular.

Three To One Payout

Another reason why blackjack became so popular is its three to one payout. This means that when players get a blackjack, they automatically win the round. If they don’t get a blackjack, they still have a chance of winning as long as they beat dealer’s cards. All they need is to have a sum of the cards on their hand higher than that of the dealer. If they go over twenty-one, they will go bust which means they will lose unless the dealer also gets a bust. 

Live Online Blackjack

There is yet a third reason why blackjack is so popular card game. With the emergence of online casinos, casino games became accessible to a wider audience. Players from areas with no brick-and-mortar casinos, now have the opportunity to try their luck at slots, casino games and even bingo without even leaving the comfort of their home.

Moreover, with the possibility the play online against a live dealer, the real casino experience is brought directly to your living room! Let’s be honest, the crowds of people surrounding you while you play at the blackjack table, the slot machine sounds and the sound of the roulette ball spinning on the wheel are not available when you play online, but, hey, you can’t have it all.

There, you have our answer to your ‘why is blackjack so popular’.

Now that you know the reason why blackjack is so popular, claim your welcome offer from those casinos featured at Slotswise and try your luck at a blackjack game!