Since the slot machines hit the online era, there has been a lot of modifications to the games in order to make the players more engaged and more enthusiastic about the online slot games they are playing.

The games have gone through different changes, and many things have been added, like the bonus features that will take you to a new screen, the variety of symbols and base game features, spinning wheels, board games, pick up games, scatters that are 3 x 3 or even 4 x 4 in size, and of course, the progressive jackpot.

Today, we will be talking about the biggest progressive slot payouts to give you some inspiration and positive vibes about the slot games industry.


Best Progressive Slot Winner

Let’s begin with the top one so that we can boost your confidence, and show you how it's done. The best and biggest win recorded so far is by an anonymous player, and the payout is close to €18 Million, or €17,860,868 to be precise.

The winner comes from Finland and it has played Mega Fortune Slot, an online slot developed by Net Entertainment. This winner decided to play slot games all night long, and with some big investments in the game, in the morning, he was lucky enough to escape with the best progressive jackpot win in the history of slots (up until now). This exhausting night and morning with a massive reward at the end happened on 20 January 2013, where finally in 14:29 the major breakthrough appeared.


Some Other Major Wins

There are some other notable winners in the progressive slot gaming industry, and the runner-up to the Finish winner is Jon Heywood who decided to play a game of Mega Moolah at Betway Casino. His breakthrough, unlike the long-playing hours that the No. 1 position had, came just half hour after playing, or on 6th of October 2015 at 23:11. Jon won a massive £13,212,882.

Mega Fortune was yet again the game to go for another anonymous Scandinavian, this time coming from Denmark. Again, this user wants to remain anonymous, but he won a whopping €11,735,446in Betsson Casino on 23rd of September 2011 (record holder for two years).

Marcus Goodwin was another Mega Moolah Slot progressive jackpot winner as the battle between Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune. With $11,633,898in 2016, it took Marcus nearly three hours of patience and hard work to get what he was searching for, but eventually managed to do that, and he made Yako Casino a lot lighter.

Last but not least in the top 5 list of biggest progressive slots payouts belongs to D.P, with $11,609,942, a user coming from Australia. He was playing on Zodiac Casino and on 28th of August in 2016, he managed to win a life-changing award, wishing the best of luck and a light towards the same destiny to all the slot players out there.