So, you are one of the online poker players that need help, few poker tips and advice to continue your journey to the lucrative wins? No matter how long you play you always end up just around break even? Well, we have some tips for you that will actually help you with the game.

Poker is one of the oldest and most played table games which is played by playing cards, and your aim is to make as bigger and better combination in your hands in combination with the cards that are on the table. We’ve got some tips for you that will turn your poker experience upside down, and only if you follow them you will be profitable at this game of luck that you can actually control


  • Think Ranges, not Hands

Every poker player that plays the game at minimum average level thinks about what their opponents might have in their hands. The average poker players think in hands, the experts think ranges. The experts think that, for example, a player X can have a flush, top pair, middle pair, bottom pair, a draw, ace-high or a complete air-ball bluff.

The opponent must show up their cards in various of frequencies, which they will give up when the table cards appear, while the average player tries to guess the exact symbols and number the opponent has, like ace and jack of hears, and they will be wrong most of the time, losing the game as a consequence.


  • Favourite Hand

Almost all of the people, in Poker particularly, have their favourite hand. This is usually a set of the larger and most rewarding symbols of the deck, but it can sometimes be some random numbers and suits.

Ditch that, forget it and never think about it again. Why? It will simply slow you down. You might be a fan of seven and nine of spades, and as luck struck, you have one of them in your hand, hoping to get the other one with all the best combinations in the table. Whichever combination you have as your favourite one, it will be suited for mediocre hand, making you limited in your gameplay.


  • Fold the Aces

The line between the Average and Expert poker player is the ability to fold even when you have an ace in your hand.

You know when you have two aces and someone on the table goes all in, but you have the best combination? You feel a little bit peculiar and uncertain even though you have better cards? You have no idea what they have, but the action they do speaks loudly.

This is the right time to fold and retreat before you make the so-called “crying call” and follow him in the set, just to watch him turn the game in his favour and gets away with your money.

A lot more tips can be found on our site, it’s your job to read them and get the best out of these awesome games.