Poker is definitely one of the most popular casino games. Some would argue that poker isn’t an individual game, but more of a game type and we tend to agree with that. Video poker games are available at many standard online casinos, as well as slots sites, but if you’re looking to play standard poker where you compete against other players and not against a computer software, then you’d have to look for an online poker site. If online slots are your think, maybe you’d like to try online poker as well. Luckily, online poker sites offer a lot of advantages like poker bonuses. What are poker bonuses? – is the question that we’re going to answer here. 

Keep reading and you will find out how you can join online poker sites and how to claim poker bonuses. In most cases, the same operators that offer online casino gaming, and in many cases bingo, also offer online poker. Although poker is offered via a separate platform, you probably won’t have to register a separate online poker account to be able to play poker, you’d still be able to play poker via your casino account. 

Play Poker Online

Even if you are not already registered with an operator that offers online poker, joining a site is pretty easy and it doesn’t take more than few minutes. When we’re answering the question ‘what are poker bonuses?’ the first type of bonuses that we should discuss is the sign up bonus poker. Deciding which is the best poker signup bonus can be a bit challenging, but we’ll say more on that later. 

A poker sign up bonus can be a deposit bonus, but you can also find a poker signup bonus no deposit required. Either way, when you’ve joined an online poker site, you will be able to play poker online and claim the best online poker promotions. There is a slight difference between online casino bonuses and online poker bonuses, but in general, it’s the same principle.  

You may wonder why poker rooms and sites would offer poker bonuses, but the answer is rather simple. This is a very convenient way for operators to attract as many players as possible. This is the main reason why the welcome bonuses are the most significant ones, because the main aim for every poker site is to attract as many players as possible. Now that we’ve briefly answered the question ‘What are poker bonuses?’, let’s have a look at the main types of poker bonuses. 

Welcome Poker Bonuses

This is the first type of online poker bonus that players encounter and gets to claim. When you join an online poker site you will get a chance to claim their welcome bonus. These bonuses are always advertised and usually displayed on the home page. It can be a 100% deposit bonus on your first deposit, or something similar. Poker sites may even offer extra incentives in addition to the deposit bonus amount. 

The bonus is not paid out immediately, you need to play some real money games before you can claim the bonus funds. You can participate in tournaments, or standard cash games, depends on the specific terms and conditions. The more you play, more of your welcome bonus will be released. The bonus is often divided in instalments or increments, and they are paid out as you complete the bonus requirements. Sometimes, you will need to complete the requirement in full, and then the full bonus amount will be released. 

Make sure that you understand how much you will need to wager and play before you can get your bonus funds. Players, especially inexperience players aren’t always sure how much they will have to play before they get their bonus funds, so they end up expecting a bonus that they haven’t, so to say, earned yet. Always read the specific bonus terms and conditions, especially the small print, and you will have a clearer picture and be able to understand what bonus offer is more favourable. 

Rakeback Bonus

This bonus type is the equivalent to the casino cashback bonus. This particular bonus type has been around for quite a while, and it first appeared in the golden days of online poker, back one it was still possible for US players to play poker online without any restrictions. 

The way this bonus functions is pretty simple, you get back an amount of what you’ve wagered on the poker site for a certain period of time. There is usually a limit on the amount that you can claim as rakeback, but you may end up getting a significant amount of money. 

The rakeback percentage may vary, it can be up to 30%, or perhaps even slightly higher. It really depends on the poker site in question. 

Poker Loyalty Programmes

Those who have signed up and play at online slots sites are surely familiar with the term loyalty programme, this programmes basically include all perks and advantages that are offered to players based on how much they play, i.e. how loyal they are. The term ‘VIP Programme’ or ‘VIP Club’ is also used to refer to the same type of programmes. 

These programmes usually include multiple tiers, or levels. The higher up the ladder you get, more perks and advantages you can expect. Players who reach the top levels can expect access to better offers, bonuses and a lot more. For example, when you reach a higher VIP level you may get an increased rakeback bonus percentage and a lot more. 

Tournament Bonuses & Tailored Promotions

Sometimes a poker site may grant you free access to a poker tournament, as well as other regular freerolls and more. Finally, those sites that really want to take care of their players, develop and offer various tailored offers, including special offers that are available only to few players. 

To conclude, poker bonuses are incentives that poker sites offer to players. Check the operators featured on SlotsWise, claim your bonus and play casino games and poker today