Poker is definitely one of the most played casino games, whether we are speaking about the online gambling or the land-based casinos. It’s no wonder, as the game passed several phases to get to where it is now, and with the improvement and touches that it had throughout the years, it sure is a thrilling game. What we want to do in this article is to clear out some of the questions that are being raised by our visitors such as: how to play poker, when was poker invented and what is a straight draw in poker?

We will try to cover as many possible things and answer your questions, but first, let’s see a brief history of the game.

When Was Poker Invented?

The poker is a game which was first played in the United States but originates from a French parlour game called Poque, which was very popular in the 1800s. The game was brought across the Atlantic and immediately the card enthusiasts managed to find a way around and merge it with the British game called Brag and create the very first version of Poker.

The Poker played in that time was only played with 20 cards from the deck and it was first seen in the saloons in New Orleans and the Louisiana Territory.

In the 1850s the Poker had its first major optimization where instead of the 20 cards the game started to be played with the full deck of 52 cards. This is where one more additional turn was added to give that thrill and a chance for winning more money. This is also the time where the Flush was implemented in the game as the best card combination that you can have in your hands. The flush card combination is when you have five cards of the same suit.

In 1860 was the year where the Straight card combination appeared, which is having five sequential cards, not necessarily of the same suit.

There were tons of minor adjustments to the game all until the 21st century where the major spike was seen in the interest of people for this game. This is mostly due to the internet, as the poker became available in places where the game was unknown before that, and basically, everybody could access the poker tables without having to travel a lot to reach a brick and mortar casino. Embrace the magic of the internet!

Let’s jump right in the next question explaining what a straight draw is in poker.

What Is A Straight Draw In Poker - Explained

What is a straight draw in poker? We get this question many times, so we decided to include it in our guide.

A straight draw is one of the strongest card combinations that you can have in a poker game. When you flop a straight draw it's either going to be an open-ended using both your hole cards, open-ended using one of your hole cards or a gut-shot straight draw. The way you play your straight draw will depend on this.

Once you have an open ended-straight draw in your hands, you have eight outs to improve it to a straight. This means you have a 31.5% chance to end up with a straight in your hand. You should always know that your hand is stronger when you have a pair or overcards, backdoor flush or potential and so forth. For example, you hold the A♠ 4♠ on a flop with the 6♦ 5♠ 3♥ giving an open-ended straight draw (8 outs), an overcard (3 outs) and a back-door flush draw (1 out).

When you get this flop, you have a total of 12 outs or 45% chance of improving to at least one tier in the combination ranking in Poker. There are many combinations which you can follow, but that depends on the type of player you are and whether you want to go aggressively or watch the action happening on the other side of the table.

Open-Ended Straight Draw Using Only One Card From Your Hand

You have to keep in mind that these types of flops are not as powerful as when you would be using both of your cards form your hand. The reason behind this is that straight possibility is one of the most obvious moves and some of your opponents might have noticed you going for that or might already have flopped a straight.

In poker, you can also split the pot in the middle of the table, and the possibility for that to happen here is high as someone already made the straight. The action also dries up when the fourth straight card hits and it might be difficult to get paid even though you might hold the best hand.

To Draw Or Not To Draw?

There are two possible scenarios here, and we know them by the topic of this paragraph.

Firstly, the flop comes with a pair and there is heavy action on the table. When you have a winning hand, it’s much easier for the opponent to make a full house or at least a straight from the cards he has in his hand. Watch his action and see whether he raises only on his strong hands or bluffs a lot.

On the other hand, when you are heads-up, and you don’t have a pair or two overcards on the floor. On top of this, you don’t have the sufficient odds to call. This is where you should use your bluffing skills and go for a semi-buff just to scare your opponents off, but in this situation, remember not to call and check all the way to the river as you will get busted.

What is a straight draw in poker, how to play it and a little bit of poker history on our menu for the day? If you like what you are seeing, follow our site or even try the games yourself and maybe implement what you’ve learned today.