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RTP, or Return to Player, is a crucial factor in jackpot slots and casino slot machines. It determines how much money you can expect to win back from your wagers over time. 

The higher the RTP percentage, the better your odds of walking away with big wins. It's no wonder players flock to games with the highest RTP and low wagering requirements.

In this guide, we'll unravel the secrets behind the highest RTP slots and explore how they can boost your winning potential.


Highest RTP Slots in 2024

Top 8 highest RTP casino games

When it comes to casino games, the RTP (Return to Player) percentage is an important factor. It represents the amount of money that a player can expect to win back from their bets over time. 

Generally, the higher the RTP, the better the chances of winning bonus spins. Here are the top 10 casino games with the highest RTP for players:


Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in casinos, known for its high payout structure. With an RTP of around 99%, blackjack offers players the chance to win big. It is a card game where players aim to get a hand value as close to 21.


Roulette is a classic casino game that offers an RTP of up to 98.65%. It is a game where players can wager on various outcomes, such as the color or number that the ball will land on the spinning wheel.

Video PokerVideo Poker

Video poker at online casino sites offers an RTP of up to 99.5%, making it one of the highest-paying table games. It combines elements of both poker and online slots, providing players with a strategic and entertaining gaming experience.

Three Card PokerThree Card Poker

Three Card Poker is an exciting casino game that offers an RTP of around 96.7%. It is a fast-paced poker variant where players aim to visit the casino, place their wagers, and enjoy the thrill of free spins.


Baccarat is a popular table game at many online casinos. With an RTP of approximately 98.9%, players can bet on the player's hand, the banker's hand, or a tie in this exciting card game.


Craps is a dice game with an RTP of around 98.6%. It involves players betting on the outcome of the roll of a pair of dice, making it a thrilling and fast-paced game.

Pai Gow PokerPai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is another popular online casino game. With an RTP of approximately 97.5%, this online game offers players the chance to create two separate poker hands from a seven-card hand.


Explore Online Casinos with high RTP slot games

When searching for online casinos, it's important to find ones that offer a wide variety of games, including slots. 

Pragmatic Play is a reputable provider known for its high-quality slot games with generous return-to-player percentages. Many online casinos feature Pragmatic Play slots as well as their best Megaways slots, making them a great choice for players looking to win big with free spins and take advantage of deposit bonuses with low wagering requirements.

Playing high RTP online slots at trusted online casinos offers several advantages, including the opportunity to win free spins and unlock bonus games. Additionally, players can take advantage of deposit bonuses and enjoy wagering on their favorite slots.

Higher Chances of Winning

With good RTP percentages and free spins, these slots provide better odds of winning in the long run. The wagering and bonus aspects contribute too.

Secure & Fair Gaming Environment

Trusted platforms prioritze player safety and fairness, ensuring a secure and enjoyable gambling experience with high RTP casino slot machines.

Wide Variety of Games with Free Spins

Reputable online casinos offer an extensive selection of high RTP slots with free spins from various providers, giving you plenty of options to choose from for free play.

Bonuses & Promotions

Many trusted casinos provide enticing bonuses and promotions for slot players, allowing you to maximize your gameplay. Remember to check the terms and conditions.

So, if you're looking to play high RTP slots and enjoy free spins, remember to explore different online casinos that offer these games. Ensure you find reputable platforms by considering factors such as licensing, security measures, fairness, wagering, and responsible gambling practices. 

Remember to gamble responsibly and always apply any relevant terms and conditions mentioned on the casino site.


What is RTP?

Return to Player (RTP) is a fundamental concept in the world of online slot machines. It refers to the percentage of wagered money that a particular slot machine will pay back to players over time. 

This value is crucial as it helps players understand their potential winnings and make informed decisions about which games to play.


Understanding RTP Value

The RTP value of online slot games represents the long-term average payout. For example, if a game has an RTP of 95%, it means that for every $100 deposit, players can expect to receive $95 back in winnings on average.

It's important to note that this percentage is calculated over a large number of spins on the casino site and does not guarantee immediate returns or bonus rewards.


The Significance of RTP Rate

When choosing a slot game at a casino, considering the RTP rate is crucial for new players. Higher RTP online slots provide better odds and increase your chances of winning in the long run.

By selecting slots with high RTP percentages, you are maximizing your potential returns while minimising losses. Additionally, some casinos offer free spins as a bonus to attract new players.


Importance of RTP Rate for Players

Understanding and considering a casino game's RTP is essential for players who wish to optimize their gaming experience and increase their chances of winning. Here are some reasons why the bonus of free spins can be beneficial.

  1. Maximizing Winnings: By choosing slots with higher RTP percentages on a casino site, players can potentially secure more significant wins over time. This knowledge allows them to focus on games that offer better odds and avoid lower payout slots.
  2. Managing Bankroll at a Casino: Knowing the theoretical RTP enables players to plan their bankroll effectively. This is especially important when using free spins or bonus offers, as they often require a deposit.
  3. Assessing Game Fairness: The transparency provided by an accurate RTP rate ensures that players can trust the fairness of the game. Reputable online casinos often display this information prominently, allowing users to make informed choices before placing any bets.
  4. Tailoring Gameplay Preferences: Some casino players may prefer games with flexible RTP options. Certain slots offer variable RTP rates depending on the player's betting strategy or bonus features activated, allowing for a more personalised gaming experience.

Calculating the RTP in slots: How is it done?

In the world of online slot games, understanding how the Return to Player rate is calculated is crucial for casino players looking to win big with free spins and bonus offers. 

The RTP percentage represents the amount of money that a slot game will return to players over time, making it an important factor to consider when playing at a casino. 

While it may seem like a complex process, calculating the RTP involves a mathematical formula that takes several factors into consideration.


Gain insights into the mathematical formula used to calculate slot game's RTP

The formula used to determine the RTP of a casino slot game is relatively straightforward. It can be expressed as follows: free spins, win, bonus.

RTP is a crucial factor in determining your chances of winning at the casino. It is calculated by dividing the total amount returned to players by the total amount wagered by players and then multiplying it by 100. This calculation takes into account bonuses, such as free spins, that can increase your chances of winning.

To calculate the total amount returned to players at a casino, all winnings from the RTP games are added up. This includes both regular wins and bonus features such as free spins or multipliers. 

On the other hand, the total amount wagered by players encompasses all bets placed on the RTP value game during a specific period.

For example, if players wagered a total of $10,000 on a particular slot game and received $9,500 in winnings during that time frame, the casino's RTP would be calculated by dividing the total winnings by the total wagers. This calculation is important for players who are looking to maximize their bonus and free spins opportunities without having to make a deposit.

RTP = ($9,500 / $10,000) x 100 = 95%

This means that for every $100 wagered on this casino slot game, players can expect an average return of $95 over an extended period. With free spins and bonus features, players have the chance to win bigger prizes.


Understand the factors involved in determining a game's payout percentage

Several factors contribute to determining payout slots percentage or RTP at a casino. These include the bonus features, chances to win, and the amount of deposit made.

Casino Game Rules
Casino Game Rules

Each slot game has its own set of rules for new players regarding winning combinations and payouts. The complexity and generosity of these rules directly impact the overall RTP and bonus deposit.


The paytable outlines potential payouts for different winning combinations within a casino slot game. Higher payouts for rare combinations increase the overall RTP, making it an attractive bonus for new players who make a deposit.


Slot games in a casino can have varying levels of volatility, which refers to the frequency and size of wins. High volatility games may have fewer wins but offer larger payouts, while medium volatility slots provide more frequent but smaller wins.

Casino Bonus Features
Casino Bonus Features

The presence of bonus features like free spins, multipliers, or mini-games can significantly impact a game's RTP. These features often offer additional opportunities for players to win.


Learn about RNG and its role in calculating slot game's results

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is a crucial component in determining the outcomes of casino slot games. It ensures that each spin is completely random and independent from previous spins, providing fair gameplay for all players to win. The RNG also affects the RTP rate and can influence the bonus features of the game.

The RNG generates thousands of random numbers per second for RTP casino slot machines, even when no one is playing the game. When a player clicks the spin button, the current number generated by the RNG determines the outcome of that particular spin for slot RTP.

As a result, the RTP calculation takes into account the payout percentages determined by the game rules but also factors in how frequently certain outcomes occur due to the randomness provided by the RNG. This is particularly important for new players looking to win at the casino and take advantage of bonus offers.


How many spins are used to calculate the RTP of the highest-paying slots?

When calculating the average payout slots percentage, such as slot RTP, it is crucial to consider the number of spins used. The accuracy of the long-term expected return, or RTP slot games, relies on having a sufficient sample size.

Let's explore industry standards for determining the number of spins needed and how it impacts bonus calculations.

Typically, thousands or even millions of spins at a casino are considered when calculating a slot game's overall RTP. This extensive sample size provides a more accurate representation of how the game performs over time and increases the chances of winning. 

By analysing a substantial number of spins, developers and regulators can better understand the true odds and payouts that players can expect, including any bonus or deposit opportunities.

The reason behind using such a large number of spins in a casino is to eliminate any short-term variances or fluctuations that may occur due to luck or chance. A single spin can result in either a significant win or loss for new players. 

However, by examining thousands or millions of spins, these anomalies tend to balance out, providing a clearer picture of the RTP slot games' long-term performance. This is especially important when it comes to determining the bonus potential for players.

Industry standards dictate that adequate sample size should be used when determining the RTP of online slots at a casino. While there isn't an exact requirement set in stone, most reputable gaming authorities and software providers recommend using at least 10,000 spins as a minimum benchmark for reliable results for new players looking to win.

It's important to note that not all spins at the casino are created equal. Some games offer special features like free spins or multipliers that can significantly impact the overall payout percentage and help new players win. In such cases, developers often take these additional elements into account separately during their calculations to determine the bonus.


Does bet size affect RTP?

Understanding the impact of bet size on a casino game's overall Return to Player (RTP) is crucial for new players looking to win. Depositing money is necessary to start playing.

Many casino players wonder if adjusting their bet size can have an impact on the RTP. It is important to note that the RTP percentage at a casino is predetermined by the game's software and remains constant regardless of your wager.

While changing your bet size at the casino does not directly affect the overall RTP, it does have implications for both short-term and long-term outcomes for new players in slot games. Let's dive deeper into these aspects and learn how to win.


Short-Term Outcomes

In the short term, changing your bet size at a casino can alter the volatility of a game. Volatility at a casino refers to how often and how much you can expect to win while playing a particular slot. 

Adjusting your bets at a casino can result in different patterns of wins and losses during a single session. There are high volatility slots, medium volatility slots, and low volatility slots.

  1. Higher Bet Amounts at the casino: When placing larger bets to play, you increase your chances of hitting bigger wins due to higher payouts associated with certain winning combinations or bonus features in RTP slots.
  2. Lower Bet Amounts at the casino: Conversely, playing smaller bets reduce both potential wins and losses but also decreases the likelihood of triggering high-paying features or jackpots.

When playing at a casino, it's crucial to consider your bankroll management strategy in order to increase your chances of winning. This includes deciding on an appropriate bet size that allows you to enjoy yourself without depleting funds quickly.


Long-Term Outcomes

Over an extended period of playing at a casino, such as hundreds or thousands of spins, adjusting your bet size becomes less significant since each outcome contributes only marginally towards determining overall results.

  1. Consistent Betting at the casino: If you maintain a consistent betting amount throughout your gameplay, you can better manage your bankroll and potentially extend your playing time. This increases your chances of winning.
  2. Progressive Betting: Some players employ progressive betting strategies to increase their chances of winning. These strategies involve adjusting their bets based on previous outcomes. However, it's important to note that these strategies do not impact the game's RTP.

Ultimately, the key factor influencing long-term outcomes is luck. Slot games rely on random number generators (RNG) to play, ensuring fair and unbiased results with each spin. With a chance to win, playing slot games becomes an exciting experience.


What is considered a good RTP for online slots?

The RTP percentages in online slots can vary significantly, ranging from as low as 85% to as high as 99% or even more. Generally speaking, an RTP above 95% is considered good and favorable for players. 
This means that, on average, you can expect to receive back at least 95% of your total bets over an extended period of play. However, keep in mind that these percentages are calculated based on millions of spins and do not guarantee immediate returns.


Why it's important to consider the slot's volatility alongside its RTP?
Why it's important to consider the slot's volatility alongside its RTP?

While focusing on finding slots with high RTPs is essential, it's equally crucial to consider the game's volatility or variance. Volatility refers to the risk associated with a particular slot game.

High volatility slots offer bigger payouts but less frequently, while low volatility slots provide more frequent wins but with smaller amounts. Therefore, it's essential to strike a balance between RTP and volatility when selecting online slots.


What is the average RTP for slot machines?

Knowing the average RTP can be advantageous for players as it helps them assess which slot games are more likely to provide higher returns. While individual wins may vary significantly, having this information allows players to choose games with better odds and potentially avoid those with lower payouts.

Different types of slot games may have varying average RTP percentages. For instance, classic three-reel slots often offer higher RTPs compared to progressive slots. This difference arises because progressive slots allocate a portion of each bet towards the jackpot prize pool, resulting in lower overall payouts.

Let's take a closer look at some key points regarding the average RTP in different types of slot games:

  1. Classic Slots:
    • These traditional three-reel slots typically have simpler gameplay mechanics.
    • They tend to offer higher average RTP percentages due to their straightforward nature.
    • Classic slots often attract players seeking consistent but smaller wins.
  2. Video Slots:
    • Video slots incorporate advanced graphics, animations, and interactive features.
    • The average RTP for video slots varies across different titles and providers.
    • Some video slots prioritze immersive gameplay experiences over high payout percentages.
  3. Progressive Jackpot Slots:
    • Progressive jackpot slots feature massive pooled jackpots that increase with each bet.
    • Due to the contribution towards the jackpot, these slots generally have lower average RTPs.
    • However, they offer the potential for life-changing wins if you hit the jackpot.

By understanding the concept of average RTP and its implications across various types of slot games, players can make more informed decisions about which games align with their preferences and desired risk-reward balance. 

So, next time you're selecting a slot game, take a moment to explore its average RTP and let it guide your choices.


Is Low or High RTP Better?

While some players may prefer high RTP slots for their potential to offer bigger payouts, others might lean towards low RTP slots due to factors like hit frequency and personal preferences.

Pros and Cons of High RTP Slots

High RTP slots are known for their generous payout rates, making them an attractive choice for many players. These slots typically have an RTP rate of 96% or above, meaning that they return a significant portion of wagers back to players in the long run. 

One advantage of playing high RTP slots and gaming machines is the increased chances of winning larger sums of money. With more frequent payouts and a higher return on investment, these games can be appealing to those seeking substantial winnings.

However, it's essential to note that while high RTP slots offer great payout potential, they may not provide as many smaller wins as low RTP alternatives. This means that although the overall payout percentage is higher, players may experience longer dry spells between wins. 

Some high RTP slots tend to have higher volatility levels, which can lead to unpredictable gameplay experiences.

Pros & Cons of Low RTP Slots

On the other hand, low RTP slots typically have a payout rate below 96%. While this might deter some players looking for big wins, there are advantages to playing these types of games as well.

Low RTP slots often come with higher hit frequencies, meaning that players can expect more frequent wins during their gaming sessions. For those who enjoy regular small victories rather than waiting for larger payouts, low RTP options can provide an engaging experience.

Despite the increased hit frequency, it's important to consider that the overall payout percentage of low RTP slots is lower. This means that while players may enjoy more frequent wins, the amounts won are generally smaller compared to high RTP slots.

Some players might find the repetitive nature of winning small amounts less exciting or rewarding.


Is RTP the same as payout?

Return to Player figure and payout percentage are two distinct concepts in slot games that players should understand. While they relate to each other, they represent different aspects of gameplay outcomes. Recognising the difference between these metrics is essential for evaluating a game's potential profitability.

The payout rate refers to the amount of money a player can expect to receive back from their wager over time. It is typically expressed as a percentage and indicates how much of the total bets placed on a particular slot machine will be paid out as winnings.

Understanding both payout percentage and RTP allows players to make informed decisions when choosing which slots to play. 

A high RTP may indicate that a game offers better odds and potentially higher payouts compared to others with lower percentages. However, it's important not to confuse high RTP with guaranteed wins or immediate profits since luck still plays an integral role in gambling.

To illustrate this distinction further, let's consider an example:

  • Slot Game A has an RTP of 98% and a low volatility level.
  • Slot Game B has an RTP of 95% but features high volatility.

While Slot Game A boasts a higher overall return rate, it doesn't necessarily mean that players will experience frequent wins or significant payouts. The low volatility suggests that wins may be smaller but occur more frequently. 

In contrast, Slot Game B may offer larger payouts but at less frequent intervals due to its high volatility nature.


Why do progressive jackpot slots have a lower RTP?

Progressive slots, despite their allure of huge jackpots, often come with a lower RTP percentage compared to other types of slot games. This discrepancy in payout rates can be attributed to several factors that we will explore in this article.

One of the primary reasons for the lower RTP in progressive slots is the inclusion of progressive jackpots. These jackpots are built by taking a small portion of each player's bet and adding it to a prize pool. As more players participate, the jackpot grows until someone eventually wins it.

The contribution towards these progressive jackpots significantly affects the overall RTP of the game. Since a portion of every bet goes into funding the jackpot, there is less money left for regular payouts. This redistribution reduces the average return that players can expect from their wagers.


How to find RTP Rates

Finding accurate information about a slot game's RTP rate is crucial for players who want to maximize their chances of winning.


Reliable Sources for RTP Rates

To obtain reliable information about the RTP rates of different slot games, it is essential to turn to trustworthy sources. Official game providers and reputable online slot sites are excellent starting points as they often provide transparent details on game-specific payouts. 

When visiting official game provider websites, look for dedicated sections or pages that highlight the RTP percentages of their slot games. These platforms understand the importance of transparency and strive to offer comprehensive information to their players. By relying on these sources, you can confidently select slot games with higher RTP rates.


Rating Get Frequency Rate

In addition to official sources and online communities, another method for finding high-paying slots is by considering the rating get frequency rate. This refers to how frequently a particular slot receives positive ratings from both players and experts alike. 
Slots with consistently high ratings tend to have better overall gameplay experiences and higher RTP rates.

To identify highly rated slots based on frequency rate:

  1. Visit reputable reviews of online slot sites that aggregate player ratings and expert opinions.
  2. Look for slots that consistently receive positive feedback from both sources.
  3. Pay attention to specific comments or reviews that mention the game's RTP rate as a standout feature.

By considering the rating get frequency rate, you can narrow down your options to slots that have proven to be popular among players and are likely to offer competitive RTP percentages.


Slot Variance vs RTP

Understanding the difference between slot variance (volatility) and Return to Player (RTP) is crucial for any avid slot player. These two factors play a significant role in shaping the gameplay experience and potential winnings.

Moreover, comprehending the relationship between slot variance, RTP, and personal playing preferences can help players make informed decisions when choosing their games.

Slot variance refers to the level of risk associated with a particular slot game. It determines how often a game pays out and the magnitude of those payouts. 

Low variance slots offer frequent but smaller wins, providing players with a steady stream of rewards throughout their gameplay. On the other hand, high variance slots may have longer dry spells but offer huge payouts when they hit.

Return to Player (RTP), on the other hand, represents the percentage of wagered money that a slot machine returns to players over time.

The interplay between slot variance and RTP is what makes each game unique.


Land Based Slots RTP vs Online Slots RTP

In land-based casinos, the average RTP figures for slot machines typically range from 85% to 90%. On the other hand, online slots often offer higher RTPs, with averages ranging from 92% to 97%. This significant difference in RTP percentages has led many lucky players to favor online slots over their land-based counterparts.


High RTP Slots and Casino Bonuses

Choosing the right slot game can make all the difference. High RTP slots offer players a higher chance of winning, making them an excellent choice for bonus hunters.


Enhancing Bonus Wagering Requirements Fullfilment

Playing high RTP games can give you a significant advantage. These slots provide better odds of winning, allowing you to accumulate more winnings while meeting the playthrough requirements. By choosing high RTP slots strategically, you increase your chances of converting your bonus funds into real cash.

Here are some tips on how to enhance your bonus wagering requirements fullfilment with high RTP slots:

  1. Research: Before diving into any game, do thorough research on its RTP percentage. Look for games that have an RTP of 96% or higher for optimal results.
  2. Volatility: Consider the volatility of the slot game as well. Low volatility games offer frequent but smaller wins, while high volatility games provide larger payouts but less frequently.
  3. Bonus Games and Features: Look out for bonus games and exciting features within the slot that can boost your winnings even further.
  4. Free Spins Feature: Many high RTP slots come with a free spins feature that can significantly increase your chances of hitting big wins without spending extra money.

By implementing these strategies, you can make the most out of your bonus funds while enjoying exciting gameplay on high RTP slots.


Exclusive Bonuses for High RTP Slot Games

To cater to casino players who prefer high RTP games, many online casinos offer exclusive bonuses specifically tailored for payout online slots. These bonuses often come in the form of extra spins or additional funds dedicated solely to playing high RTP slot games.

Here are some advantages of seeking out casinos and mobile slot sites that offer exclusive bonuses for high RTP slot games:

  1. More Value: Exclusive bonuses provide additional value to players, allowing them to extend their gameplay and potentially increase their winnings.
  2. Targeted Promotions: Casinos offering exclusive bonuses for high RTP slots demonstrate their commitment to providing tailored promotions for different player preferences.
  3. Variety of Games: These casinos usually have a wide selection of high RTP slot games from various software providers, ensuring there's always something exciting to play.

Play the best payout online slots with your favorite casino sites

Highest RTP slots

With a wide range of options available, the popular online casinos we recommend on Slotswise offer the highest RTP slots too. Let's dive into the world of high RTP slots and discover why they are so highly regarded.

Knowing which slot games offer the highest RTP is crucial. On the casino sites mentioned above, you'll find an impressive selection of high-paying slots that can significantly boost your winnings. Here are some notable examples:

  • Mega Joker - A classic fruit machine with a modern twist. The Mega Joker slot game offers a progressive jackpot and a high RTP, making it a favorite among players looking for big wins. The graphics and sound effects are simple yet captivating, creating an immersive gaming experience.
  • Blood Suckers - Sink your teeth into this vampire-themed slot game. With its spooky atmosphere and thrilling bonus features, Blood Suckers will keep you on the edge of your seat. The high payout percentage and exciting gameplay make it a top choice for horror and slot enthusiasts.
  • Ugga Bugga - Get ready to explore the jungle with the adorable characters of Ugga Bugga. This unique slot game offers a multi-spin feature, where you can hold symbols across multiple spins to increase your chances of winning. The vibrant graphics and catchy soundtrack add to the overall enjoyment.
  • Book of 99 - Embark on an epic adventure with the Book of 99. This slot game takes you on a journey through ancient Egypt, where you can uncover hidden treasures and unlock free spins. The high RTP and immersive gameplay make it a must-try for fans of the genre.

Best Paying Slot Games USA by Slot Provider

Highest RTP slots on Netent

When it comes to Netent slots, several games offer the highest Return to Player (RTP) percentages. These slots have gained popularity among players due to their high chances of winning. Here are some of the highest RTP slots on Netent slot provider:

  • Jackpot 6000 - Known for its simplicity and high RTP of 98.80%, Jackpot 6000 is a classic slot game that appeals to both new and experienced players. This game features a super meter mode and a gamble feature, adding excitement to the gameplay.
  • Kings of Chicago - Combining the thrill of a slot machine with the strategy of a poker game, Kings of Chicago offers an RTP of 97.80%. This unique slot game features playing cards instead of traditional slot symbols, providing a refreshing and engaging experience.
  • Jack Hammer - Jack Hammer is a thrilling comic book-themed slot game by NetEnt. With its unique "Sticky Wins" feature, winning combinations stay in place while the other reels re-spin, increasing your chances of hitting big wins. The game also offers extra features and an RTP of 96.96%.
  • Reel Rush - Reel Rush is a fast-paced and exciting slot game. It features a unique reel structure where the number of ways to win increases with each consecutive win, offering up to 3,125 ways to win. The game also includes bonus features and an RTP of 96.96%.
  • Simsalabim - Simsalabim is a magical-themed slot. Step into the world of a mysterious magician and be mesmerized by the enchanting gameplay. The game features a captivating bonus game where you choose from a selection of hats to uncover cash prizes. Simsalabim’s RTP is 97.50%

Highest RTP slots on Microgaming

Microgaming is a renowned slot provider in the online casino industry, known for its wide range of high-quality slot games. When it comes to choosing a slot game to play, one important factor to consider is the Return to Player percentage. Here, we will explore some of the highest RTP slots on Microgaming slot provider.

  • Wild Orient - Wild Orient is a captivating slot game that takes players on an exhilarating adventure through the heart of the jungle. With its stunning graphics and immersive sound effects, the game truly brings the wild to life on the reels. It comes with an RTP of 97.50%.
  • Couch Potato - Couch Potato is another popular slot game from Microgaming, offering an RTP of 97.43%. This game features a simple design with a classic theme of a couch potato watching TV. Despite its simplistic appearance, Couch Potato provides exciting gameplay and the potential for significant payout structure.
  • Break Da Bank Again - Break Da Bank Again is a thrilling slot game with an RTP of 95.43%. This game takes players on a bank heist adventure, offering the chance to win big with its high volatility.
  • Immortal Romance - For players who enjoy a touch of mystery and romance, Immortal Romance is an excellent choice. This slot game has an RTP of 96.86% and offers an intriguing storyline with supernatural characters. With its immersive gameplay and multiple bonus features, Immortal Romance offers good chances of winning.
  • Thunderstruck II - Thunderstruck II is a legendary slot game that will electrify your gaming experience. With its Norse mythology theme and stunning graphics, it immerses players in a world of gods and thunderstorms. The game features an RTP of 96.65%.

Highest RTP slots on Playtech

Playtech is a renowned software provider known for its high-quality slot games. When it comes to finding the highest RTP (Return to Player percentage) Playtech slots, players have several options to choose from:

  • Goblin’s Cave - this slot has an impressive RTP of 99.32%, making it a top choice for players looking for better odds. The Goblin's Cave slot features a unique three-reel layout with three paylines, offering an immersive experience with its goblin-themed graphics and extra features.
  • Ugga Bugga - with an RTP of 99.07%, this game offers players a great opportunity to win big. The slot has a tribal theme and features a multi-spin gameplay mechanic, allowing players to hold symbols and spin the remaining reels for a chance to create winning combinations.
  • Ocean Princess - this slot has an RTP of 99.07% and takes players on an underwater adventure. This is a five-reel and five payline slot and offers a unique "Hold" feature, where players can hold symbols and re-spin the remaining reels to increase their chances of winning.
  • Tropic Reels - this game has an RTP of 98.95% and offers a nostalgic experience with its tropical theme and fruit bonus symbols. The game features a multi-spin gameplay mechanic, allowing players to hold symbols and spin the remaining reels for a chance to create winning combinations.
  • Triple Profits - it’s another high RTP slot on Playtech with an RTP of 98.72%. This game has a unique three-reel layout and offers players the chance to win big with its money-themed wild symbols.

Top 5 96% RTP Slots

Slot NameRTP
Big Bass Bonanza97.61%
Fishin' Frenzy96.12%
Tiki Island96.30%
Jackpot Gems96.10

Top 5 97% RTP Slots

Slot NameRTP
Steam Tower97.04%
Reel Rush97.00%
Kings of Chicago97.80%
Quadruple Da Vinci Diamonds97.00%

Top 5 98% RTP Slots

Slot NameRTP
Money Cart98.00%
Hero Clash98.10%
Jackpot 600098.88%
Tropic Reels98.95%
Triple Profits98.72%

Written by Simona Boshkova

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