Slots Glossary of Terms


Slot Games are often used for online entertainment and they are one of the quickest ways to earn easy cash while enjoying the thousand different variants. If you are a slot game lover and player, you will most certainly come across some new words and phrases, some of which are obvious while others demand clarification.

In order to be a good player and understand the games fully, as well as enjoy every little unique detail of them, we have created a list of glossary terms for you. Take a look at their meaning, as you will surely meet them on your journey for the jackpot.




Active Payline – Active payline is the one payline which currently plays and will pay out the price if a winning combination lands on it. Depending on the game, they all have a different number of paylines that can start from 1 and go all the way to 100. There are games that allow the players to choose the number of paylines they want to play with, and the lower the number the higher the rewards

Auto Play – This option is here to allow the players an automatic spinning of the reels without them having to press the Spin button, pull the lever or do whatever the game requires to start it. Before you can do this option, you need to set the number of Automatic Spins that you want the game to spin for you, as well as the coin and line values. You can always stop this feature if you change your mind.




Bet Max – After setting the coin denomination, you can choose this option to set the game to the maximum available amount to bet per line, as well as the maximum number of lines. This feature is well known among the VIP players and players that want to try their luck with the high numbers and experience the game at its finest.

Bet Per Line – This option indicates the cash amount that is stacked per single bet line. The number of active paylines multiplied by the bet per line determines the total amount that you bet per single spin.

Bonus Feature – Some of the games have Bonus Features that will give the players chance to win more lucrative rewards and enjoy the game at its finest. The Bonus Feature is triggered by the different combination of symbols. Depending on the game, there are many different kinds of bonus rounds: Some offer extra spins, while others tend to give mini-games where you can either shoot the screen, choose from multiple options, advance in several levels and many more options.




Classic Slot – This term means that the slot game belongs to the first group of slot games that are played with only three reels and one payline where usually you need to hit three of the same symbols in order to win a reward, but sometimes one or two symbols are also rewarding.

Coin Size – When you deposit or wager money into a slot game, they are transferred into coins which are used to spin the reel. Coin size is a number of coins that you chose to spin the reels with, and every game has many options, from lowest to highest coin size that you can play with.




Fixed Jackpot – There are two types of Jackpot: Fixed and Progressive. Fixed Jackpot means that the jackpot will always stay the same no matter how long you play the game, invest, deposit, win or lose. The fixed jackpot will always pay the same number of coins which is previously set and it’s same for every player.

Free Spins – This term means that you get to play and spin the reels without investing, depositing or wagering your coins or cash. Free spins can be gained as a special bonus feature, some games give it as a winning combination rewards, or by the casinos and sites as well as a loyal player or to give the player a chance to play and test the game and see whether he likes it before depositing real money in it.




Hit – This is a slot game term when you end up with a winning combination. You can hit combo, hit the jackpot or hit the Bonus feature. Sometimes, it is also used for hitting the reels, which means starting the game.




Loose Slot – This term is used for all the slot games that are known for their high percentage of payout, and usually these games attract the most attention.




Mechanical Slots – These slots are also known as land slot machines. Rather than an online video slot, the traditional slot games used physical reels that spin and randomly land on a combination.

Multi-line Slots – This means that the slot game has more than one payline where many different combinations and reel positions of the symbols will give you a reward. Almost every slot game nowadays is a multi-line slot game.

Multiplier – Multiplier means doubling, tripling, quadrupling etc. the payout of the player. Depending on the game, it can come in a form of a symbol, a winning combination of different symbols, or as a reward in the bonus features and free spins of the game.




One-Armed Bandit – A slang term for a slot machine. This term comes from the Mechanical, land slot machines that were used in the past where you need to pull the lever which looked as one arm to spin the reels. Some of the online slot games still use the same feature instead of the “Spin” button to keep the traditional slot machine spirit.




Pay-line – This is the line that goes across the reels horizontally and creates a connection between the 1st and the last line on the reels. This is the line that divides a winning combination from a nonwinning one. Some of the games have just one pay-line, usually on the middle reel, but nowadays the games tend to have more pay-lines, with some of the games up to 100.

Payout Percentage – The percentage of the stakes that the game pays out. This number is the percentage number of cash that leaves the ‘machine’ if the number the entered is 100%

Pay Table – All paylines of the game are indicated inside the pay table. On the pay table, we can also see the winning combinations, the number of coins that each symbol awards as well as the meaning of the Scatter, Bonus and Wild symbols.

Progressive Jackpot – A jackpot that grows overtime. When the game is played by more people it bulks and stacks the coins inside and eventually, it explodes with a very lucrative reward. Almost all games with progressive jackpot have a limit until it can go up before it hits the reels and get rewarded to the luckiest player.





Random Number Generator– You can find this as an RNG, and it’s the system that determines on what symbol the reels will stop spinning. This computer system decides whether to payout the player, to pop the jackpot and everything regarding the random spinning of the game.

Reels – The rotation Barren in Mechanical or Land slot machines, or the horizontal lines in the online slot machine games where all the symbols are positioned and are spinning until it stops and reveals the combination.



Scatter – One of the special symbols in the game that aren’t part of a specific combination that can be found on the pay table. Scatters often replaces all of the symbols on the pay table and participates in the winning combinations. Scatters can also be used to trigger bonus features or give the player free spins.

Stacked Wilds – Some games have the option to stack Wild symbols. When this happens usually a big reward awaits the player. The Stacked Wild takes over the entire reel and counts as a winning combination.

Symbol – The images that are spinning on the reels to create a winning combination. There are many different symbols starting from low and high value, Scatter, Bonus, Free Spins, and Wild symbols.




Tight Shot – A term used in the slot game world where the game has a low percentage of payout. Players usually avoid these games.




Video Slots – Unlike the Land slot machines, video slots are the online version of them. They don’t use physical reels to spin the symbols but use graphics to represent the reels.




Wild Symbols – A symbol that is not on the payline but counts as a special symbol. These symbols can replace others in forming winning combinations. The Wild combinations may also cause the bonus round or free spins to trigger.

Winning Combination – This is a combination of same symbols that will end up on the payline and award the player with a reward.

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