How to Win at Roulette?

Roulette is one of the oldest games when it comes to the online gaming world. And even though there isn’t a 100% certain way for any of us to win at Roulette, there are few strategies and tips that might be helpful. Continue reading to enter the mysterious world of gaming and find out how to win at roulette!


Prepare Yourself, and the Wheel – Tip 1

Before you place your bet and start to play with real money, we suggest that you give the wheel, several spins, so that you will get accustomed to it. And even though it is a game of luck, sometimes it can land more on even number or the other way around. So, keep spinning, because each time you will spin the wheel, you will have more chances of winning this game.

Practice without Placing a Bet – Tip 2

Before you place your bet and play for real money, it is best to try playing Roulette for free. This tip will especially be helpful, if you play Live Roulette. By doing this, you will get to know the other players and their gameplay. Also, you can boost your confidence and see if something might help you make a win or not.

Force the Zero – Tip 3

When playing Roulette, you will have 37 numbers in total, including the number zero. All of these numbers have an equal chance of bringing you a win. So, keep in mind that it can take up from 75 to 85 spins, for the small ball to land on the number that you have chosen. And most players prefer betting on red or black, while the green zero is left behind. But, if you choose to play the green zero, we have additional tips and tricks that might help you land a win.

-          We suggest that you place £2 on both the red and back field and £5 on the green zero. This will increase your chances of landing any kind of win. And if you happen to win on the green zero, you will get an even bigger payout.

-          After 10 tries increase the amount on all fields, including the red, black and green zero.

Choose to Play European Roulette – Tip 4

If you have the opportunity to choose between European or American Roulette, always choose the European one. The American version has an extra wheel, so it decreases your chances of landing on a winning field.

Be on Alert, when Playing Online Roulette – Tip 5

Don’t trust all casino sites that you will find online. So, make sure to put your trust in a trustworthy and reliable site. That is why at Slots Wise we only recommend the most reputable online casino brands.


We hope that these tips will help you win at Roulette and if you have additional suggestions, we are happy to hear all about them. So, as we mentioned earlier, choose some of the casinos on our site and get the bonuses and free spins that are waiting for you to claim them.