BF Games

Published 29 Aug 2022, 7:20 a.m.

In this week's SlotsWise Interview Series, we're joined by Claudia Melcaru, Director of Business Development at BF Games. BF Games is a gaming studio that offers a rich portfolio of online slots that can fit everyone’s tastes. The company also offers both in-game features, as well as a client area, in-house RGS, multiple RTP and volatility options and more.

It was great to get insights from such an aspiring company and learn more about its releases. So if you want to learn more about BF Games and its slots, continue reading our interview!

Welcome, Claudia! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. First things first, could you introduce yourself and BF Games to our readers?

"BF Games is a modern game development studio and part of a gaming group with land-based and online B2B and B2C.

In-house developed BF Games have been operated in key European markets for over 7 years by our own operations.

Following the high success of BF Games, in 2018 BF Games division was released to the open market of operators, currently holding several licenses & certifications: UK, Malta, Sweden, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and more upcoming."

stunning cash slot

What’s the best thing about working at BF Games?

"BF Games is a dynamic and fast-growing company incorporating multiple verticals from land-based to online, having several products developed for each division."

What is your approach to game development? How much time does it take to make a new game at BF Games, from idea to release?

"Depending on the complexity of the game and math model, if it is a reskin or a new game, if we add a new game feature, it can take from 2 - 3 months up to more."

You recently released the Cave of Gold slot. What can players expect from these games?

"Cave of Gold came as a continuity of Cave of Fortune slot that attracted many players and engaged them quickly with its stunning graphics and concept together with the game features like the dynamic Nitro meter, lots of multipliers, free spins and a 500 x multiplier winning."

cave of gold slot

What should players know about the Chicken Madness slot? Why is this game worth giving a try?

"Chicken Madness quickly became one of our Top 5 most popular games and stayed in the top the months after its release and that in itself says a lot. It has a Cash Mesh feature with 4 different in-game Jackpots, several multipliers, and extra bonuses in the game."

chicken madness slot

You have quite an extensive portfolio with over 50 slots. If you were to choose a favourite, what would it be and why?

"We have over 70 slots currently and releasing around 1 a month. I like lots of them so hard choosing only one yet if I must, I would say Bonnie & Clyde."

bonnie and clyde slot

What would you say is the most important aspect of a successful game?

"There are several things and each cannot make the game successful without the other. Yet for sure the math model counts heavily."

What can we expect from BF Games in the upcoming months?

"You will see a great combination of reskins and new concepts with new game features that we are developing currently. The reskins we do are based on our most popular games so we do expect these to continue being popular. At the same time, we do want to bring something new and creative so you will see new ideas and graphics upcoming."

Thank you, Claudia, for sharing these details with us. We're grateful to have you and BF Games in the hot seat in this week's provider spotlight! Looking forward to seeing your new and innovative slots!

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