Published 26 Apr 2022, 12:55 p.m.

In this week's SlotsWise Interview Series, we're joined by Aleksandr Kosogov, CEO at Gamzix. Gamzix is a new and aspiring company that is on the right path to becoming a really big name in the industry. So we're grateful for the opportunity to speak with the company's CEO and learn more about their upcoming releases.

Check our full interview with Gamzix and find out how it'll become a rockstar in the iGaming market! And find out when it'll release two new games...

Hi Aleksandr and welcome to SlotsWise! Before we begin, could you introduce yourself and Gamzix to our readers?

"I'm Aleksandr Kosogov, CEO at Gamzix. Gamzix is a young and prospective slot provider with head office in Estonia, and teammates in Cyprus and Ukraine. As the majority of our specialists are 20-25 years old, there’s no doubt that Gamzix will add a pinch of freshness and originality to the iGaming industry."

Gamzix is a relatively new company, as it was launched in 2020. What would you say you’ve learned in these two years? Was it challenging to stay at the top in such a competitive industry?

"For these two years, we’ve learned that you have no right to stop and do nothing, every day you have to evolve and struggle in order to achieve results. Sometimes it’s rather challenging for the newbie to compete with gambling mastodons, which have been earning popularity over the years. Nevertheless, we believe that Gamzix will become an iGaming rock star in the near future! :)"

book of symbols slot

How many games are in Gamzix’s library? How many games are being released per month/year?

"There are 25 video slots in Gamzix’s portfolio. We’re working persistently in order to release at least one new game once a month."

SlotsWise loves the Hotlife slot, which is based on the Grand Theft Auto video-game series. What was your inspiration and development process for this game?

"It is impossible not to admire games from Rockstar Games. I don't know a single person who has never played GTA. My colleagues and I are no exception, we really love this game. It was love and passion in GTA that inspired our team to choose a similar topic for Hotlife slot.

To tell you the truth, each team member was involved in discussions about the visual part of the game: background, characters, fonts, etc. It was collective decisions and teamwork that made such a great result."

hotlife slot

One of your latest slots is Hot Patrick. What can players expect from this game?

"We love creating slots dedicated to holidays, they are so engaging, fun and festive! Hot Patrick is one of such slots, it’s a reskin of our popular game Really Hot. It has been released due to St. Patrick’s Day. The game embodies the luck of the Irish and is filled with lucky leprechauns, four-leaf clovers and fruits.

Moreover, just recently we’ve launched the Easter-themed game reskin – Really Easter that plunges gamers in the charming atmosphere of this special Spring holiday. Easter symbols – coloured eggs, fluffy rabbits, green meadows and flowers – will appear in the slot."

hot patrick slot

What should players know about the Gold Mania slot? Why is this game worth giving a try?

"The most important is that Gold Mania promises gamers a fortune as it has a 25,000x maximum win. The figure is quite real because in March, a player managed to reach it! I think it’s a good reason to try Gold Mania!

Furthermore, the mining theme is rather breathtaking and keeps the tension. RTP of 97% is quite high. Gold Mania is all about colourful graphics, gold mining symbols and high payouts."

gold mania slot

What product of Gamzix are you proud of the most?

"I'm very proud of one of Gamzix's latest games – Gold Mania. The production process was very painstaking and not easy. We really wanted to convey the atmosphere of the "gold rush".

There are 9 varieties of FREE SPINS games. It was achieved with 3 levels and 3 types of FREE SPINS. It was very difficult to implement everything in one game, but we were ready to go through the thorny path so that each player will find the variety which he likes the most."

If you could choose a game or feature from another studio, which one would be your favourite and why?

"There’s a great number of fascinating games from different studios all over the world, it’s rather challenging for me to choose the only one.

But I have to confess that I prefer games with bonus rounds where there is no limit on the number of spins, and it is possible to open either some additional multipliers or additional reels/levels."

What releases can we expect from Gamzix in the upcoming months? Can you give us some insider info?

"In May we’re planning to launch two new video slots which differ fundamentally from each other. You will definitely love it! Stay tuned ;)"

Thank you, Aleksandr, for taking the time to share with us these details! We cannot wait to see the new releases you have planned for May.

In the meantime, make sure to play the already available Gamzix slots with the best casino bonuses available at SlotsWise!

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