Age Limit For National Lottery Games Could Be Raised To 18

Viktor Vangelov | Published 17 Jul 2019, 1:31 p.m.

While the US market becomes more open and restrictions are being overturned, in the UK we see that the Gambling Commission is looking to put operators under increased scrutiny, especially on matters regarding problem gambling and protection on minors.

On the one hand, we’ve been reporting on a number of US states that have introduced gambling in one or more forms and on the other hand, we’ve had a number of new more restrictive regulations being introduced in the UK, and many operators were required to pay rather hefty fines for failing to work in accordance with UKGC criteria.

Few days ago, we reported that sports betting was finally legalised in New Hampshire, although the first wager will be placed probably a year from now and the Governor expressed his desire to be the one who places the first wager. Last month, Alabama legalised daily fantasy sports, an activity which is considered to be different from sports betting, but punters still get to place wagers and the outcome depends on the outcome of sports events. There’s another state where serious action towards sports betting legalisation was taken in June – Illinois, and it might just become the next state to legalise sports betting.

Labour Proposes The Age Limit To Be Raised To 18 For All Forms Of Gambling

Most initiatives in the US are towards legalising certain forms of gambling, whereas in the UK the initiatives are usually towards restricting certain types of gambling. This time, the authorities are after the National Lottery, and it seems that an age restriction might be introduced. At the moment, 16- and 17-year-olds are allowed to purchase lottery tickets, but the Government wants to lift the limit to 18.

Culture Minister Mims Davies said that a consultation was held and it was established that there are few options for under-18 gambling. It is possible to increase the limit to 18 only for instant-win scratch cards and other types of online games. Davies feels that this would be the best approach, i.e. that for some forms of gambling the limit should remain 18, but Labour think that there should be no options for people under 18 to gamble.

The minister argued that although 18 is the age when people gain full citizenship responsibilities, playing the National Lotter still carries the lowest possible gambling risk, while the risk for instant win games is a bit higher.

There will be some changes regarding non-commercial lotteries, the maximum prize draw could be increased to £500,000 instead of the current limit which is £400,000.

Legislators In North Carolina Voted In Favour Of Sports Betting Legalisation

As we mentioned, news from the US are usually regarding states that have passed gambling regulations. This time the state in question is North Carolina. The sports betting bill has just been passed by the North Carolina House with a majority of 90 and 27 opposed. The bill was passed by the State Senate back in April and now the last hurdle before sports betting becomes legal in North Carolina is the signature of Governor Roy Cooper.

According to the bill, sports betting will become legal at the two casinos operated by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Some of the proposed amendments included bans on college sports betting and that slowed down the whole process.

There’s another bill that’s currently in procedure – to form a North Carolina Gaming Commission and this bill is still being considered by the State Senate.