Are Online Slots Rigged?

Published 2 Nov 2018, 3:05 p.m.

This question may cross the mind of many online slots players. Are online slots rigged? It is a legitimate question for all the obvious reasons, as there isn’t a single person in the world who is eager to spend money on a slot that has been rigged. So how do we know whether a particular slot game is rigged or how do we know if slots are rigged in general? Right off the cuff we want to dispel any fears of conspiracy. 

The casinos don’t conspire to rig the slot machines so as to erase any chances for the players to win a hefty sum or money, or a particular game’s jackpot prize. It is very, very difficult for any one casino or software developer to do that. No that they ever want to or need to do that, but it is hard anyway. The reason is, the online casino industry is one of the most regulated in the world, with thousands of lines of law code wrapped around the casinos and the games that they provide. 

Are Online Slots Rigged Ever?

The slots work on a program code called Random Number Generator which is a long sequence of randomly generated numbers which could go as high as few billions. Each time you press the Spin button a new sequence is generated and this occurs on every slot game. The random number generator is a complex mathematical probability generator that ensures all outcomes are made at random. So there is no way of telling what combination of symbols may occur next after you have landed any given combination. This is true for both winning and losing outcomes. When it comes to the winning outcomes, even the near-misses won’t result in a certain win by any presumed logic consequence.

Return to Player Percentage

Another key component in the slots is the RTP theoretical outcome, which is a number that states what percentage of the money that has been played will be returned to the player over a long course of spins on the reels. If the theoretical Return to Player is 96.50% it means that for every pound spent, 96.50 will be gained back to the player over an indeterminate number of turns on the reels. Let’s say the winning combination has provided one pound in winnings, and following a string of no-hits, the random number generator delivers a stronger winning combination, of say 20 pounds. 

This kind of random behavior is standard for the slots, but no one can at what intervals the winnings will follow the losses and the other way around. It may be that the winnings come in a string of many, followed by losses and so on. It is the randomness of the slots, made possibly by the random number generator, that creates all the excitement that everybody goes for when playing at land casino or online casinos. But this only partially answers the question, are online slots rigged.

Casino Regulations

Like we started at the beginning, the casino industry, both online and land-based, is one of the most regulated industries in the world. The governing authorities that preside over the rules and regulations ensure that there is no room for dishonest behavior on the part of the casinos, so the rules need to be fulfilled so that everything is sound and clear. The casinos do have the edge at any rate, but that is compensated by the few lucky players who win and save the honor on the part of the patrons. 

So are slots tampered with? There have been cases when some developers or some shady online casinos have tried to do that, however, they have lost their license once they were caught. In order for an online casino to operate, it has to have a license from a governing authority. Each casino that has been licensed presents the license number at the bottom of the page, which can be verified with the issuing authority.

Slots Auditing Agencies

There are a number of independent auditing agencies that test every single slot game before it becomes released in online casinos. Before a slot game may appear as an option, its code is submitted for testing, and the final product is tested as a whole. The rigorous tests make sure that there is not even an inkling of something being fishy about the specific title. 

The licensed and verified online casinos bear a seal of approval from an independent slots auditing authority, such as eCOGRA. The casinos that have such a seal plus licenses from one or more than one relevant authorities, or jurisdictions, count for industry-standard casinos and are safe to play at. 

Where Can I Find Safe Online Casinos?

Sites such as SlotsWise are sites where you can pick up knowledge and information about slots and online casinos. Besides reviewing slots games that have been tested and verified by independent auditors, the site’s experts also test the casinos that have their own review on the site. Browsing SlotsWise for casinos is one of the fail-proof approaches in finding one that is safe, so that you don’t have to worry with the matter of, are online slots rigged

There have been cases where some shady casinos have provided very low odds to the players and these have been caught and removed from online casino review sites. We have ensured that we review sites that are upper or middle-tier casinos and slots sites, based on their performance and based on the licensing body. So don’t be surprised if you find casinos licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority or the Gibraltar or United Kingdom Gambling Commission. 

Concluding Remarks

To conclude this query, online slots are not rigged simply because it is illegal to do that. The takeaway here is, choose carefully where you play, because out of some thousand casinos online, there are those that don’t have a license from any jurisdiction.

To play it safe, browse SlotsWise for casino reviews, and pick the one that has a welcome bonus that you like. Play on and have fun!