Are Slot Machines Truly Random?

Published 19 Oct 2018, 12:34 p.m.

There is a little bit of doubt in every human being whether the online slot machines that we are playing are presenting the real odds. Are slot machines Truly Random? Are they reflecting the RTP that the company has presented? These and similar questions will be answered in this article, so stick around if you want to find out more.

Are slot Machines Really Random?

The random number generator is responsible for every result after a player pushes the button. A computer programmer at the factory programs the RNG or assigns it certain combinations for every situation that may occur on the reels. The RNG reacts immediately after the first coin is dropped into the slot machine. It doesn’t matter if you are playing three coins for one spin or in our case an online slot, the RNG will stay the on the same programmed combination until that spin is finished. The programmer has assigned numbers for all combinations and the RNG even searches for numbers when no one is playing the game. Slot machine combinations are based on the number of reels and the number of symbols on the reels.

We all know that the machines are programmed on a computer. Yes, they can generate RNG when they're spinning, but the master computer tells it all. They can program them to hit for a total of one hour every four or one hour every three but with low payouts. After dealing with casinos and servicing them for years I can tell you it works this way. Why do you think everybody is saying slots are extremely tight right now? They have programmed them to pay out on a level of one thru six. Payout of being one. Yes, they have no memory but they cannot payout significant payouts when they are set to pay low.

How Online Slot Machines Work?

To get this discussion started, you first need to understand how slot machines work. Slot machines are one of the most popular games in any casino that you can think of, but many of the people have no idea how the slots work. There are many misunderstandings about the slot machines, their return to player percentage and the random number generator. After reading this page, you might find yourself less or more attracted to the games so beware!

They are one of the more profitable games for the casino, but that’s nothing to do with how they actually operate.

The slot games are using a Random Number Generator which starts from the very first online slot machine, and you can compare it to the roulette wheel, a deck of shuffled cards, or a pair of dice. The very first slot machines were completely mechanical and they were using the RNG (Random Number Generator) and so are the very modern, video slot machines.

But how do we know if this is the truth?

It doesn’t work on any kind of cyclical basis. It’s not something which you can predict, and if people go around and speak that they know what the next combination will be and when it will come, just let them guess the next card pulled out of a deck of cards. If they get 10 out of 10 than it changes the whole complexity and shifts the topic of this debate, but that’s not going to happen.

There are tons of facilities which are working on keeping the rules and regulations, the random number generators in place and are constantly checking the return to player number of the slots. These companies are a must if you want your slot to be online and played by people, accepted by the casinos and actually being online. It gives the green light to the software providers as soon as they develop the slot, right before the slot game hits the online market. If there is some problem with the random number generator, they are stopping the whole process and making sure all the people have equal chances of winning the slot, and the slot game is absolutely random game.

Return to Player

Another factor which is constantly under question whether it’s true as the companies and the casino's state is the return to player. For the people that have no idea what this means, it’s basically the amount of money that the casinos return to the players displayed in percentages. The misunderstanding in this is that players constantly think that the percentage is counted on the money they play with, but that way all the players will lose money to the casinos, right?

The RTP is counted after a longer period of time, like after one year or a number of spins, like 100,000 spins on the game, for all the players combined. This number has to be stated by the producing company first and then has to be followed up by the casino for all the players to see. In the early days, the RTP percentage was displayed on the front of the slot machine for it to be visible for all the people playing, and it’s the same now, the RTP has to be presented by the casino for the players to have a clear understanding of what the percentage is like.


After what we have written, are you still wondering are slot machines truly random? We’ve presented some facts about the Random Number Generator and about the Return to Player percentage as well, so you be the judge and answer the question on your own.

Once you feel comfortable with the slot machines, there are tons of games on our site where the RNG is not a question and the RTP number is always presented on the right-hand side.

Find a suitable casino on the right side, make sure you deposit if you want to claim the welcome bonus of the same, and best of luck there.