Are UK Fruit Machines Different to US Slots?

Published 19 Oct 2018, 2:29 p.m.

Any slots and online casino player who is located either in the United States or in the United Kingdom, wants to know at one point or another, are UK fruit machines different to US slots. There may be simple answer to that but we don’t want to be terse, and besides that, it is a nuanced question that could deliver some more insight into the picture. 

Are UK Fruit Machines Different to US Slots??

Fruit machines, or slots, may be different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For example, because gambling is illegal in Japan (we don’t know until when though) Pachinko machines were the only thing available until the government allowed the crossover between slots and pachinko to be introduced to the gaming parlors. This machine is called pachislot or pachisuro in Japanese.

The case of Japanese slots/pachinko parlors is the best for illustrating how a governing body can have a say over the intricacies of the composition, payout and other inner workings of a gaming machine. For example, some the rules that are prescribed for all pachislot or pachinko games are that the machine may only contain three reels, there must be buttons that when pushed are causing each individual reel to stop, the reels can not spin faster than 80 rotations per minute and a number of limit pertaining to the payout.

Slots In US Casinos

When it comes to UK and US slots, the differences are not so visible - rather, they are found in the legislation that is made up by the respective governing body. The slots in the United States casinos belong to the Category III gaming machines contain the mathematical functionality that provides the winnings at the highest possible degree of randomness - that means, there could be no guessing as for when a winning combination would occur, and there is no way of influencing the game. This functionality is the Random Number Generator. 

The same is true with the UK, except there are no classes of slots there. All slot machines are a class of their own, regardless of whether they are a random number generator machines or if the computer logic is stored on a server inside the casino. On the other hand, the slots in US casinos are stocked with games by different providers. Until recently Net Entertainment games were not available in the US and that marked always favored slots by Ballys, Williams and other domestic developer studios. But that is going to change soon.

The relaxing of the ban on online casinos and gaming for residents of the United States is going to change plenty in the world of online slots. It will be soon enough when players in specific states within the US can play at online casinos. Many online casinos will be founded and operated out of the United States, and that would mean new gaming platforms being introduced in the country, of the likes of Nektan, Microgaming, Dragonfish, Aspire and so on. 

Slots In UK Casinos

In the United Kingdom the laws pertaining to online slots allow any company to found its own casinos and select the games that it wishes. And this is where the differences cease to exist. Besides the availability of titles that are found in US land casinos, everything else stays the same when we ask the question are UK fruit machines different to US slots.

It is strange to say that the US lags behind in online casinos because the first slots machines were made in that country, but that will change. The availability of online slots in the UK gives the players an enormous diversity for their gaming experience. As for the United States, players who visit the land casinos may find very different games from those online. Besides that, it is a widely-known fact that online slots have better odds when compared to land casino slots. The reason for this is very simple. Land based casinos have higher running costs than online casinos. Much higher. So they compensate by setting the house edge much higher.

On the other hand, online slots, which are becoming so widespread in the UK, have better odds and the players appreciate that fact. Additionally, there are so many online casinos to choose from, each hosting its own roster of preferred slots. Some casinos even have their own gaming platforms which gives them the availability of putting together a gourmet offer of slots, which include classical three-reel slots, standard slots with various jackpot sizes, as well as progressive jackpot slots which are also popular and provide a unique gaming experience. 

Online Casino Vs Land Casino Slots 

There is another interesting piece of information. Not all online slots are available as land casino slot machines, but some are. There are land based casino slots that have been converted into online slots and the other way around. One land casino slot made into an online slot is Cleopatra, one of the most famous slots ever. Another example is also interesting. Ultra-popular slot games such as Starburst could not be found in land-based casinos. Unless there is something new on the part of NetEnt property licensing, this will resume being the most popular online slot game. 

But when it comes to the difference between land based and online casinos, it is not a matter of nuance. Online casinos provide the comfort of your own home, and lots of savings that come with it. If you are into cocktails you can head to a local bar and play on your tablet on the bar’s wifi connection. If you want to make your own mojitos then stay home and crush the mint yourself, before hitting the slots. 

Slots in Land Casinos

Conversely, land based casinos are glam, well, most of them. The grand casinos in the world are lit up, brimming with murmur and the sound of slots jingles and coins hitting the plates. The two experiences don’t compare. You can go for the real Vegas experience but you need to pay up. On the other hand, it isn’t like online slots don’t provide thrills of their own. Ask the jackpot winners who have won a progressive jackpot slot prize. They will tell you, online slots are better anytime because the winnings are better. 

So whatever the case is, let’s hope that we have answered your question, are UK fruit machines different to US slots!

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