ASA report points 70 gaming ad breaches

Cvetanka Cvetanovska | Published 26 Aug 2020, 2:29 p.m.

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) released a report of its latest audit which identifies irregularities in age-restricted gambling advertising.

The regulator found over 150 age-restricted ads displayed during the Q2 of this year on websites and YouTube channels that attract the minors. Around 70 of them were classified as betting/gambling ads.

Caution on content placements

Ads by four undisclosed gambling operators have been shown on websites which attract a younger audience, despite strict gambling regulations. Ads for food and drinks classified as high in fat or sugar were reported as the most prevalent, with almost 80 ads appearing on websites and YouTube channels.  The watchdog noted that the quarterly monitoring programme would continue over the next months, including follow-ups to remove sensitive content and ensure compliance by advertisers.

The ASA chief executive Guy Parker explained that ASA is using a complex process supported by latest tech solutions to monitor online ads proactively. This approach would help in building a zero-tolerance mindset for age-restricted ads appearing on content aimed at children. He adds that they further expect from advertisers to use the available sophisticated tools to target their ads responsibly. This is just one part of the undertaken initiatives to ensure that the younger audience is protected online. We've recently published the ASA TV ad exposure report where the body clearly emphasises the need to change the online ads policies. This year in February, ASA also pointed out the challenges in online advertising schemes, where they suspect some operators use shady targeting methods.

Enteractive on their 10.000 active players milestone

While regulatory gaming bodies actively work on banning and restricting providers' content and audience selection schemes, RaaS services set a milestone in the retention segment. Namely, Enteractive, the leader in player retention for iGaming brands, announced that over 10.000 players of their operator partners were activated last month through the (Re)Activation Cloud platform.
Executives added that this milestone is just a continuation of the strong Q1 and Q2 period for the company. Enteractive's operator partners noted an increase in revenue and player retention, with churned players coming back or inactive accounts becoming active again.

Compared to Q2 in 2019, the number of activated/re-activated players grew over 200%, which is quite impressive and shows the dedication and carefully tailored concept behind customer retention. 
This customer retention plan will also be helpful to traffic driving operator partners such as affiliates since Enteractive delivers improved retention with affiliate-tagged players.

The (Re)Activation Cloud platform launched in 2019, streamlines the process of integrating inactive player databases from operators and enables agents to have 1 to 1 conversation with players, creating strong customer relationships and monitoring any potential risks. The platform is also a product of the long-lasting partnership with operators where databases and processes are continually improved.

Mikael Hansson, the Founder and CEO stated: "The last two years have put Enteractive on a solid upward trajectory, thanks to the amazing work by all our teams, from our (Re)Activation agents to our tech development team".  

Enteractive currently works with more than 50 brands in the iGaming sector. At the end of this year, they plan to expand their business to several new markets, with launches already confirmed in Japan, Romania, Brazil and Peru.