Betting shops in Scotland set to reopen in July

Viktor Vangelov | Published 13 Jul 2020, 2:57 p.m.

There is an ongoing debate in British society regarding betting sponsorships on football shirts. As we reported, one of the latest suggestions is to ban gambling sponsorships, but the Football League is against that.

This time we are bringing slightly different news. Betting shops in Scotland are set to reopen, as the country is easing its lockdown measures. Initially, shops were allowed to open at the end of June, but the Scottish Nationalist Party issued an order for the shops to remain closed. The betting operators have lost a lot of revenue in the past few months.

It is expected that the reopening will have a positive effect on the economy

The reopening of the shops will allow sports betting operators to recover, and to save their betting shops and to keep their staff. It was said that about 900 betting shops are at stake together with 4,500 people who are employed at these shops.

The chief of the Betting and Gaming Council, Michael Dugher stated that the decision to reopen the shops is great for the country and all those who are employed by the industry. He added that the people at the Council are delighted that the Scottish government decided to allow the shops to reopen.

While betting shops are set to open towards the end of this month, they will have to adhere to all measures and processes in order to ensure customer safety. Dugher added that the reopening of the betting shops will have a positive impact on the economy and people will finally be able to place a bet on their favourite race at their local betting shop.

Punter wins over £90K on Liverpool winning the league

As you probably know, Liverpool won the League, after 30 years. Pretty much every year there is an interesting story about a person who managed to correctly predict the league winner and win a major sum of money. The year when Leicester won the league against all odds was a remarkably interesting example. This time we bring you news of a Bradford man who placed a massive bet backing Liverpool to win the league.

Interestingly, the man is a Man United fan, he simply believed that the odds of 4/6 for Liverpool to win the league were quite good. So, he placed £55,000 on Liverpool to win the league. That was a pretty courageous decision, especially considering that this actually was his inheritance money.

The amount that he won was slightly above £91.5K, or to be more precise £91,666.66 and he plans on sending it on a big holiday. The lucky winner added that he believed that Liverpool would win the league based on the way they played, despite the fact that he has always been a Manchester United fan.

He added that his mother also liked a flutter and that she wouldn’t have minded him placing a bet with his inheritance funds.

While we are on the subject of betting, we would like to give you a brief update on the situation in the US, or more precisely in Indiana, where, surprisingly, the sports betting revenue in June is 20% down compared to May.