BGC Continues Debate Over Gambling Regulations

Kosta Kostadinov | Published 7 Apr 2022, 8:35 a.m.

The gambling sphere in the UK has been going through some harsh and heated debates regarding the idea to introduce new regulations. There are certain changes that were deemed crucially necessary in the past couple of years, such as the credit card ban that was implemented two years ago. 

We recently informed you that the UKGC has released an interim report on the situation, which provides insight into the results of the ban and how it has affected both the players and the gambling industry in general. However, it seems that the debates over the safety concerns are still going strong and the two opposing sides are not close to a solution.

Government urged to implement ‘affordability checks’

The latest idea in regards to the players' safety is the implementation of so-called ‘affordability checks’. Namely, these checks would mean that operators should request documentation from the customers in order to prove that their financial situation is optimal and suitable for placing bets. 

According to them, this would help prevent the emergence of problem gamblers and would significantly reduce the risk of punters falling into debt or facing different kinds of gambling-related problems. On the other side of the spectrum, this idea is harshly opposed, which prevents them from coming to a reasonable solution to the issues.

Harsh opposition to the affordability checks

Other officials believe that these types of checks and interference in the customers' financial situations can be incredibly detrimental to the gambling industry in general. The British Betting and Gambling Council (BGC) is strongly against implementing this new regulation, as it believes that it can drive many punters away from the gambling industry and basically ruin their experience.

A poll conducted by YouGov has shown great dissatisfaction among the players as well. Less than one in five punters have expressed that they would be okay with these types of checks and that the government checking their balances would be incredibly intrusive.

According to the BGC, there are already many checks that focus on age restriction for example. They believe that the new regulations should prioritise spending checks, which would help with problem gambling, but affordability checks would also target responsible players, which can be very damaging to the whole industry.

What’s more, they believe that these affordability checks would potentially force customers into switching to unlicensed and unsafe gambling sites, which would create a much larger problem overall.

BGC has already introduced other measures

The Council has also stated that many other more acceptable measures have already been implemented, such as the above-mentioned credit card ban, stricter age verifications, as well as changes in the advertisement policies.

Gambling ads on social media were restricted only to people over the age of 25. This also showed great results, as a 96% drop has been seen in advertisements seen by people between the ages of 18 and 24.


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