BGC on the importance of gambling industry to UK economy

Cvetanka Cvetanovska | Published 30 Mar 2021, 10:08 a.m.

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) emphasised the gambling industry’s role and contribution to the UK economy. A recent report commissioned by the BGC states that betting shops, casinos, and online gambling platforms stand with £7.7 bn in gross value for 2019 and £4.5bn in taxes. Moreover, the industry also supports nearly 120,000 job positions.

One of the economy’s driving forces

This report conducted by Ernst & Young also revealed that 374 betting shops and two casino venues had been forced to close due to pandemic, leading to a cut of 5,000 jobs. While the 2005 Gambling Act’s review is still ongoing, the call for evidence comes to an end this month. Ministers and regulatory bodies will produce an updated white paper on future legislation later in 2021.

The CEO of the BGC, Michael Dugher, said that challenges such as gambling ad controls, online stake limits and responsibilities of the UKGC are under further review and consideration. At time of economic disruption and pressure on public finances, the contribution that betting and gaming makes to the UK economy is vital.

In the end, representatives from the BGC said that they fully support the Gambling Review and the need for better gambling standards and change to regulations. However, it’s vital that the Government understands and recognises the role of this industry in further growth and economic improvement. Also, those changes mustn’t influence the tax takes or put current or future jobs at risk.  

BtoBet receives a UK certificate for their sportsbook platform

This week BtoBet, part of the Aspire Global platform, has announced that they’re entering the UK sports betting market, as their platform has received full certification.

This sportsbook provider will offer operators cutting-edge technology for the sports betting sector. Operators will be able to leverage player-oriented technology and provide their audience with customised, personal betting experience and offers straight from the platform’s proficiency.

The betting and gaming market in the UK is a potential place for growth and development for other gaming operators and software providers. Last week we reported on the partnership between Fanduel and Gamban, a software company based in the UK specialising in gambling blocking software. This partnership is a result of Fanduel’s responsible gambling program for 2021. With Gamban’s platform, players will be able to manage their gameplay by controlling their time and deposit limits.

The CEO at BtoBet, Dima Reiderman, said that they’re thrilled for their UK certificate and can start with operations. He further adds that their purpose is to expand in regulated markets with an emphasis on the European market. This way, more operators will have the opportunity to offer their platform and betting experience to players.

Reiderman is confident that their sportsbook platform will live up to the expectations and be seen as a market success in the long term. The UK betting and gaming market is a pretty competitive landscape, and they’re ready to be part of it. When it comes to BtoBet’s sportsbook platform, it is already compliant in countries like Colombia, Mexico, Poland, Argentina, and few South African countries. The UK betting market is a fresh addition to this list.


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