Can I Play Slots Games With No Download?

Published 6 Nov 2018, 3:37 p.m.

It is not that uncommon for an online casino to require from its players to download and install their proprietary software if they want to enjoy the gameplay of their favourite slots games. Players have to follow as little as five steps including downloading, installing and running the software, followed by opening an account and playing the games. Sometimes, finishing these steps may seem like ages and players who want to play an online slot instantly would rather quit this process and find a new slots site.

So, many of these players have certainly asked themselves at some point of their slot-playing experience “can I play slots games with no download”.

Download Casinos vs Instant Play

All slot players are faced with two options when deciding to spin the reels of their favourite online slots. One option is to play slots games online, while the other is to download a casino software which makes every PC a slot machine. We’ll go into more details below giving examples of the drawbacks and benefits of each way of playing slots games. In the end, it all comes down to the personal preference of the player, but there is no harm in knowing the differences.

Download Casino Software

In general, download casinos are considered by many people to be superior to instant or flash play casinos. This is due to the fact that with the download casinos you get better graphics and more realistic sound effects. Probably the biggest benefit of downloading a casino software is that you get a more stable gaming experience compared to the lighter flash version of the slots games.

The benefits of downloading and installing the casino software on your computer are that all graphics and sounds are stored right into your computer. As we all know, these two elements are probably the ones for a smooth and realistic gaming experience. So, instead of waiting for these elements to be loaded from some server, you’ll have them sitting in your computer and loading simultaneously with the launch of the game.

Another benefit of downloading casino software is that you’ll get all the available features offered by the casino. It is not a rule, but sometimes download casinos tend to have more games than their online counterparts, which equals to more options for the player.  So, if you have a fast and stable internet connection and you are enough space on your hard drive, then download casino is the way to go. Otherwise, you should stick to instant play casinos because download casinos can slow down your computer.

Instant Play Casinos

Many online casinos offer only instant play versions which are typically powered by Flash technology. These versions can be played both on desktop computers and mobile and tablet devices as well. However, in order for the online casino to appear on your screen, you need to install the Flash plug-in on your system.

As soon as you launch the online casino, it will load in your browser. Instant play casinos are an easy and fast way to play without having to download software which sometimes can be pretty large. A benefit of not downloading the casino software is that you are sure that no harmful software gets downloaded together with the casino.

Not downloading casino software saves you precious time from downloading and installing the software which you could be spending on spinning on your favourite games. Although the install process is not that long, you can be playing instead of installing it. Moreover, you’ll be spared from uninstalling the casino software if you are not satisfied with the games on offer or their quality. With the instant play casinos, all you need to do when you’re not satisfied is press the close button. As simple as that!

Another benefit of choosing instant play over download casino is saving space on your computer. When you don’t download the casino software, you save precious space on your hard drive which makes your computer run faster and smoother. Your computer will only save some temporary internet files which are considerably smaller than the download casino software.

Probably the biggest benefit of choosing instant play over download software is the freedom of choice that comes with it. With the download casino software, you are limited to playing only on the device on which the software was downloaded and installed. With the instant play casinos, you can play wherever you are on any device regardless of whether mobile or tablet.

Usually, instant casinos didn’t offer the same number of features and options as download casinos, but this is changing hand in hand with the internet speeds which are becoming quicker and quicker with each following year. We can see the changes even today as some of the most important names in online gaming are offering most of their games online instead of on their download casino software.

Can I Play Slots Games With No Download Online?

So, if you didn’t find the answer to this question in the section above, the answer is yes. You can play slots games online without downloading casino software. However, this doesn’t mean that there is a right or wrong way of playing. Simply put, some people prefer the instant play, while others want the stability that download casinos offer.

If you are more into the quality of the games and you want to have stable and smooth gameplay when you are spinning on your favourite titles, then download casino software is the right option for you. If you are one of those players who does not have enough space on their hard drive and doesn’t want to burden their machines with another process, then go for the instant play.

In the end, the important thing here is not the manner in which you decide to play the slots, but the fact that you’ve decided to have a great experience spinning the reels!

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