Can You Win Real Money On Slot Apps?

Published 9 Nov 2018, 11:13 a.m.

From the millions of players who enjoy online slots, we could safely assume that nearly all want to know, can you win real money on slot apps? The answer is, yes. If you are a new slots player or you want to explore the world of online casinos, this answer would certainly give you the impetus that you want to have before picking your online casino. But before you do that, why not consider our guide to the bits and details to scoring winnings at the online casinos, as well as some insight into how to withdraw money into your account. 

Basics To Playing At Online Casinos

Before you start playing at an online casino you need to find out the place where you are going to play. From the hundreds, if not thousands, of casinos online how do you pick the right one? Well, following some general guidelines will help you pick the place that will fulfill your expectations in terms of gaming. Whether you want to play slots, casino games, bet on sports matches, or all of it, there is the right casino for the job.

The casinos that have it all, including sports betting, are the big cats. Sites in the UK include Paddy Power, Betfair, 888 Casino, Betfred, William Hill and few other. All of these have a long tradition as they all started as physical locations, and still keep shops around the UK and Ireland. This tier of online casinos are at the top of the pile because they offer everything and sports betting. The casino types that are different from these are those that have casino games, slots, bingo, but don’t offer any sports betting. 

We will consider these casinos too, because they represent a serious share of the whole number of online casinos. Middle-tier online casinos are Leo Vegas, BGO, 777, Cashmio, Casumo, Play Ojo and the likes. These don’t offer any sports betting, but do have heaps of online slots, casino table and card games, even bingo and oddities such as wheels of fortune and scratch cards. Still, this is the type of casinos that represent the majority of online casinos. 

What Kind Of App Do You Need To Play At Online Casinos?

Reaching the question, can you win real money on slot apps, we will reflect on precisely the slots part of any type of online casino. First off, it should be noted that online casinos used to require that a software is downloaded on your personal computer so that you are able to load the platform. This is not needed any more because the casinos have made imperfected their capacity to provide the various types of games straight from the web. 

If you are playing on a mobile phone, then worry not, the middle tier casinos offer all of their games straight from the website. Some do have apps which are always easy to install. Once you have the app installed all that needs to be done is for you to register with your user name and password. Even amongst the big casinos and sport betting venues, you will find out that some don’t have their own mobile app, so you are able to launch their gaming platform with few taps on the screen.

Can You Win Real Money On Slot Apps Online?

Now to expand on the question which we clearly answered with a decisive Yes! Winning money on online slots should always be understood as an occurrence of luck. Just like roulette and some other casino games, as well as bingo, the slots are purely and simply, games of chance. Unlike poker or blackjack, casino games in which the players could muster up some card counting, bluffing and memory skills. The slots’ outcome rides solely on the random number generator, which is a mathematical machine that works in the background, in the game’s software, as it determines the outcomes at random. 

What the random numbers generator is, is an infinitesimally long sequence of numbers, counting in the billions, from which the stop mechanism picks a random number to which is attached the information for the winning or losing outcome. Because this is always done at random, there is no way to predict whether a subsequent turn on the slots will have a specific outcome or contain or not contain a given symbol. 

That being said, when playing the slots, always remember that it is a game of chance and not a game of skill, and being of that nature, the fun goes as far as you are having fun. Even though we said a Yes to the question of can you win real money on slot apps, If the slot machine doesn’t pay, simply change it or stop playing for the day and come back at another time. 

How to Withdraw Money From Online Casinos?

In your career as an online slots player it could happen that you will be chanced upon by a strong winning combination of symbols, or a round of free spins that will throw heaps of cash into your account. It may even be that you will become one of the progressive jackpot winners. At any event, if you ever come to the matter of withdrawing cash from your online casino account, you will need to have some idea about how things work.

First off, the casinos have minimum withdrawal limits. It is very rare that you will find a casino that has a withdrawal limit of more than £20. Usually it will be £20 or £10. We assume that you would be taking out a much bigger sum of cash which will be paid into your account through one of the money transfer services. You may opt for a direct wire transfer or you may get a PayPal or NETeller deposit. 

Usually the withdrawals take anywhere between two and seven days. That all depends on the bank that you use, the money transfer service and the online casino. Should you ever become a progressive jackpot winner or you win an amount that crosses the casino’s easy withdrawal threshold, you will be required some additional credentials to prove your identity and seal your winnings. The casinos pay out progressive jackpot amounts in installments, or according to the options that they offer. At any rate, it will take a little bit longer to withdraw when you win a big sum. So, in the end of ends, can you win real money on slot apps? Whenever you have a lucky turn, most certainly yes!

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