Do You Have To Play Online Slots For Real Money?

Published 16 Oct 2018, 8:08 a.m.

Slots are complex machines that are loaded with programs that determine random mathematical probabilities. Whether we are talking about land-based casino slots or online slots, in both instance these are complex machines that we shouldn’t just take at face value. There is an entire science behind the slots. The first one was built at the end of the 19th century, precisely in 1895 by a Charles Fey in San Francisco, California. Since the inception of the first slots machine, natural-born engineers have been busy to deconstruct it and emulate it in a new skin and spirit. This is how the science behind slots machine took off and resulted in a rich history of slots and companies that produce them.

How Much Do You Need To Play Online Slots?

One of the common questions that novice players may ask is, do you have to play online slots for real money? Although this could be taken as a yes or no question, it is actually a bit more complex than that. First off, the original slots machines received coins so to operate so one had to spend a nickel or a dime, and later on a quarter and a dollar, to be able to spin the reels. The games back then did not provide free spins bonuses. So if that is one way of playing slots for free, then yes, you could spend some money and get some free spins to take for free. 

With online slots it is a completely different matter. Yes you do need to spend money to be able to enjoy a game of slots, but it is not necessarily the rule because you could play a game for free, but that would be just for fun as there could be no winnings issued into your account. Many slots developers put out their games as demo so that the players and people in the industry can try them and see what they are all about, before paying the royalties that would in turn allow them incorporating that online slot into their casino’s roster of games. Many slots can be played for free, and that does come in useful when you want to test an online slot before playing on it with real money.

Demo Slots and Free Spins Slots

In that regard, to answer the question, you don’t have to play online slots for real money. You could just play the demo. But, playing the demo doesn’t get you any winnings. Even if you have won the jackpot, the money stays in the virtual world and you may have spend your amount of luck on that very game - which is a completely imaginary thing because luck could last forever or be non-existent as it is only a concept, which admittedly, does creep in into the metaphysical world in which we are not yet sure how certain intangible notions and concepts may impact on the tangible world. That explains why there are online slots and casino players who wear their amulets and the such. 

Back to the question, do you have to play online slots for real money? This time around we would say, no you do not have to play online slots for real money. Why is that? It is because you can play an online slot as part of a welcome bonus. Once you have made the minimum deposit (you could deposit more than the minimum of course) you could get free spins, which translates to playing slots for free - technically. Many online casinos pair their bonus offers in such a way that you can make a certain deposit, get double or triple on that money, and get spins on the slots on top of it. 

Penny Slots With Big Payouts

But when we come to the specifics of the idea of playing online slots, the final answer would be, yes, you have to play slots for real money. Be it pennies or few hundred pounds or dollars per spin, there is money involved. Indeed there are penny slots that you can enjoy for literally, one penny per spin. That’s almost like playing for nothing - not to insult the intrinsic value of the penny. But since pennies have very limited actual use in making purchases and are usually given only as change, then the idea of pennies in that regard does retain the ascribed notion of being worth close to nothing. 

What is more, there are many penny slots and many high-stakes slots that can be played for several hundred pound wagers per turn. Some online slots that play for pennies you may want to consider are:

Fluffy Favourites

This is one of the top ten ranking slots in the world of online casinos, so take heed. It has a super nice wild symbol feature, that if you win a combination with it, the winnings will be doubled. So, with the highest paying symbol, the purple hippo, you can land a combination of five plus the pink elephant wild, and land 9000 coins in your pocket. This is all possible with pennies, as the game allows only one payline to be active and played at 1p.


This is a 2018 slot by the Australian developers Eyecon, and they are known for making hits. Just look at Fluffy Favourites! This slot is meant to challenge BerryBurst by NetEntertainment, as both are very similar and top notch at the same time, when it comes to playability and graphics. The game has a top payout of 32,000 and can be played for a penny. It has 100 paylines that spin across five reels and four rows. 

Shamans Dream Slot

This online slot plays on the native American theme and includes symbols such as a white wolf, a peace pipe, war axes, a Shaman of course, a native American princess, a warrior and so on. It is a beautiful display of symbols plus a hot slot game that has a jackpot version. You can play this one for pennies too, which answer the question of, do you have to play online slots for real money?

Play these three or a number of other online slots right from this page - claim your welcome bonus and play for pennies or pounds.