Does Using A Slot Club Or Rewards Card Decrease My Chances Of Winning?

Published 5 Nov 2018, 12:48 p.m.

Many players deciding to visit a casino will come faced with the question of whether to apply for a player’s club card or not because of various myth surrounding the use of club or rewards cards. Often players coming across club and rewards cards ask themselves the question ”does using a slot club or rewards card decrease my chances of winning” mainly because a friend of a friend has told them not to play with such cards.

In this article, we’ll try to list and debunk some of the most common myths surrounding the use of club and rewards cards in casinos.

What Is A Slot Club?

It is sad but true that as many as 50 percents of casino customers don’t know what a club is, or due to the above-mentioned reasons, do not choose to join such a club.

A players club, or known under different names depending on the casino, is a system used by casinos to identify their players. It gives them an opportunity to see who is playing on the machines, what machines they usually play on, as well as how long are they playing on the machines and how much money they are wagering. Based on all of this, the casino then decides to reward the players with such rewards as cash, free play, gifts, food, rooms etc. Players may use these rewards either on that same trip or on their subsequent trip.

Beginnings Of The Slot Club

The idea for the slot club goes as early as the 1980s in Atlantic City. In those days, it was very easy due to the Atlantic City Boardwalk to leave one casino and go play exactly the same game further down or up the Boardwalk. So, casino operators had to find a solution how to identify their players and reward them if they decided to stay and play only in their establishment.

When it comes to the first club, it is worth mentioning that executives used special pins to mark their best players, so that they could get extra special services around the casino. Several months later, the first system was created by the Atlantic City Golden Nugget. Their system was using players club cards and tickets, and reward players based on their play. Since then, almost every casino that has over 500 machines has a player’s club and rewards players for their loyalty.

How Do Slot Clubs Reward Players?

To get their player’s club card, players need to sign up at the promotions or player’s club booth at the casino. The membership for the club or rewards card is always free and players can start using their cards right away.

When you begin to play, you need to insert the card into a special reader which is built into the machine. Your all coin-in, or total amount wagered, is recorded through an electronic tracking system directly into the central computer of the club. In most cases, you, as a member, earn a certain amount of points on your card based upon your play. For example, some casinos award one point for every dollar wagered, while others award one point for every $10 wagered. You can then redeem your points for comps or cash.

However, you should also be aware that some systems do not award points to players. Other casinos just tell their players that the card is accepted and later, when you get at the machine, kiosk or at the booth, that you are entitled only to certain things.

Does Using A Slot Club Or Rewards Card Decrease My Chances Of Winning?

As we have stated in the sections above, we’ll try to list and debunk some of the most common myths that surround the use of club cards and give you reasons why you shouldn’t avoid them. So, to answer your “does using a slot club or rewards card decrease my chances of winning”, first, we’ll tell you some of the basics.

Whenever you play on a slot machine, its payout is determined by several factors which are completely independent of the card reader. Simply put, the slot machine you are playing on cannot tell whether you are using a club card or not, so it will award you with a payout, or not, no matter what.

Even if it were possible for the slot machine to tell whether a player is using a card or not, no casino would want to penalize a player who is using a player’s club card. Usually, most members of the club are steady customers who tend to put payout money back into the machine, while most non-members are just tourist passing through.

Do I Have To Play A Lot Of Money To Receive Rewards?

One of the most common myths surrounding club cards is that you need to play big money to receive rewards. However, the truth is that players clubs are designed to reward steady small-time players. So, if you play only about four hours of quarter play every month, you would probably earn enough points at the end of the year to get about $100 in “cashback” plus a couple of free meals and other goodies in the mailbox.

Most new casino players tend to overestimate the amount of time required to earn a certain number of points. The number of 2500 points for a lunch buffet seems to them a bit high and think that it will take them up to a year to earn them. The reality is quite different, so, for a five-coin quarter, a player would earn their reward in as much as three to four hours, while a five-coin dollar player would earn their reward in about 50 minutes.

So, our answer to your “does using a slot club or rewards card decrease my chances of winning” would be no. It does not decrease your chances of winning because slot machines are designed to award payouts at random.

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