English casinos set to reopen on 1 August

Viktor Vangelov | Published 20 Jul 2020, 10:47 a.m.

Last week we reported about the decision to reopen betting shops in Scotland. The Betting and Gaming Council and its chief Michael Dugher stated that they are quite satisfied with the decision and that this will have a positive impact on the economy.

This time we bring you news that casinos, that is land-based casinos, in England are set to be opened on the 1st of August. This is another Government measure aimed at normalising and revitalising the economy. We have again the Betting and Gaming Council and its CEO Michael Dugher and his opinion on the matter.

We will see for how long the casinos stay open

When the decision was announced to keep the casinos closed, while bingo halls, restaurants and even pubs were opened, many of the representatives of the gaming and betting lobby were not satisfied with this.

Multiple gambling operators in the country, publicly stated that they have financial problems and that they might be forced to close certain venues and lay off some of their staff. Fortunately for them, casinos will be permitted to open at the beginning of August. This only applies to England and only English casinos will be allowed to open, casinos in Wales in Scotland will still have to wait, as there have been no announcements regarding reopening.

We are yet to see how things progress and whether casinos will stay open for a while longer, but it is certain that they are set to reopen one the first day of August.

New gambling regulations in Ukraine

As you know, in addition to news regarding the situation in the UK, we also bring you international news and regularly look at what’s happening throughout the world. This time there is a new development in Ukraine, where new rules on gambling applications will be implemented from now onwards.

Moving forward, there will be eight forms of gambling that will be permitted in the country. Some of the forms that will be allowed are online casinos, sports betting – both online and land-based, as well as online poker and slot machine venues.

At the moment, there is no gambling commission in Ukraine, but with the new rules and new regulations, such a body will be established and all applications will go through this regulatory body. Operators that want to operate online sports betting will need to apply for a license, and if they also want to operate an online casino, they will need to apply for a license separately.

All operators that want to enter the gambling business as a company will have to disclose all data about their companies, their owners, management and it is not permitted that all acting individuals are residents of countries that are occupiers of Ukrainian territory. It is not explicitly stated which are these countries, but it is pretty obvious that the country in question is Russia.

There is another condition, all companies will have to show that they have a total of €1.1 million in their accounts and need to show where these funds come from.