Four tribes file a federal lawsuit against Oklahoma

Viktor Vangelov | Published 10 Aug 2020, 2:41 p.m.

Most of the topics that we covered in the past several weeks have to do with the gambling situation in the US, regarding mainly sports betting legalisation. Towards the end of last week we reported that the sports betting initiative was halted in Massachusetts.

It was also announced that the Nevada’s betting revenue in June was decreased. The total decrease was $483,000, but it was noted that most of the losses were due to the fact that many punters were cashing in their older bets.

Last week we reported on new developments in Illinois. Namely, one of the largest daily fantasy sports operators – DraftKings launched a sports betting operation in Illinois. Mobile betting is not yet part of the offer, but it is going to be included very soon. The mobile betting app was developed as a result of cooperative efforts of the company and a brick-and-mortar casino based in East St. Louis. That is the Saint Louis in Illinois, not the one in Missouri.

This time we have slightly different news from the other side of the pond. Namely, four Oklahoma tribes are suing the state and two other tribes, asking for the federal court to annul the gaming compacts that have already been secured between the states and the two said tribes.

Four indigenous tribes sue the state of Oklahoma

Here are the details – the Citizen Potawatomie Nations, Choctaw, Cherokee and the Chickasaw tribes have filled a lawsuit in front of the District Court in the federal capital, asking for the agreements between the state of Oklahoma and the Comanche and the Otoe-Missouria to be voided.

The two compacts were signed by the Oklahoma governor in April this year and based on these two compacts sports betting will be permitted. Oklahoma’s high court ruled that the governor did overstep his authority with this decision.

So, while it is clear that the two compacts are invalid under the state law, the tribes are also expected that the federal instance confirms this and addresses the matter in order to avoid further damage and to ensure the integrity of the Regulatory Act which directs and governs Indian gaming within the US.

The chairman of the relevant body that deals with issues regarding Oklahoma Indian Gaming, stated that the tribes view from the very beginning is that the governor had no authority to enter these agreements.

Sports betting in DC in decline

As you know, professional sports leagues in the US, or at least some of them, have restarted lately, so it is understandable that sports betting activities can also continue as per usual. However, it seems that punters in the capital city – Washington DC weren’t exactly as interested as it was expected.

Those who do place wagers in DC tend to wager more, i.e. make larger bets compared to punters from other states, but the total amount that has been wagered is not that large. The DC state lottery has recorded a total of $1.2 million in wagers for the period from the begging of June until the beginning of August, whereas Colorado for instance, has collected a total of $63 million during the same period.