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Kosta Kostadinov | Published 21 Apr 2022, 11:01 a.m.

Some of the biggest news these past few months has been all about the rather tense situation in the gambling world in the UK. After the Gambling Commission found major failings with major operators and brands, it decided to focus more intensively on creating a change. 

There have been many new rules implemented, especially for the operators. We informed you about the latest additions to this list of rules, and there is also the situation with the highly-debated “affordability checks”. All of these actions are taken in order to prevent and minimise the issue of problem gamblers, but some organizations, such as GamCare see a potential solution in proper education and guidance.

GamCare’s effective education programme

The charitable organization GamCare, alongside its partners Young Gamers & Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) and Adferiad Recovery, have launched an incredible education programme, which has proven to be incredibly successful.

It is called The Gambling Education Hub Service (GEHS) and it was first launched in Scotland. Before this was implemented, only about 35% of young people were able to identify signs of gambling problems, but thanks to the GEHS, this statistic increased to 92%, which is quite significant. 

According to Anna Hemmings, Chief Executive of GamCare, “We are looking forward to building on the successes of our work with young people, their parents and professionals in a new programme aimed at increasing visibility of both local and national education and support.”

GambleAware donates £2.5 million 

GambleAware seems also supports this educational initiative and has donated £2.5m to the GEHC in order for it to expand to both England and Wales. This financial support will be put to good use, as it is aimed toward educating both young people and professionals, as well as willing volunteers. 

“At a time when young people are increasingly exposed to gambling, the delivery of local-focused programs for gambling education and prevention of harms has never been more important,” says Zoë Osmond, CEO at GambleAware.

The expansion of the GEHS in England will be conducted by GamCare in collaboration with ARA, Aquarius, YGAM, Beacon, Neca, and Breakeven. On the other hand, in Wales, the educational programme will be expanded by Adferiad Recovery.

The GEHS is deemed crucial

According to a 2020 research, 94% of teenagers have been exposed to gambling advertisements, with about 6 ads a month. This can be quite detrimental to the youth and is also part of the reason that such strict rules are being implemented. 

A statement has also been given by Leon Marsh, the Director of Hospital & Residential Services at Adferiad Recovery. He said, “We look forward to working with GambleAware on this great initiative to help reduce gambling-related harm caused to young people and to provide comprehensive training, education and resources to key stakeholders to reduce the risks associated with gambling addiction.”

“Our extensive knowledge and experience in young people services puts us in a good position to be able to effectively deliver this project in Wales, and we are excited to be able to offer young people this valuable service.”


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