GambleAware Launches the Lived Experience Council

Kosta Kostadinov | Published 2 Jun 2022, 10:45 a.m.

One of the biggest and most newsworthy topics in recent months was the concerning surge of problem gambling. The authorities have been taking plenty of steps to prevent this and ultimately minimise the causes, as well as the effects of the issues.

Many new rules and regulations have already been introduced and are implemented in the gambling world, such as the famous credit card ban, which has been in effect for about 2 years now and has shown some great improvements.

On the other hand, education programmes are also expected to play a big part in resolving these issues. Recently we informed you that GambleAware donated to a successful education programme and now there is more exciting news in that aspect as well.

GambleAware launches a counselling organisation

As many of you are probably aware, GambleAware is one of the biggest and most effective charities that offer treatment services as well. It is a big part of the gambling industry in general and has been doing some great work so far.

The latest thing that this charitable organization has done is the launch of the Lived Experience Council. The goal of this council is to include ambassadors that have already experienced gambling harm and can use their experience to provide counsel to players who are facing similar issues.

GambleAware’s goal is for the council to consist of people that have personally faced such issues, as well as people that have been indirectly affected by them through people close to them. According to the charity, it hopes that creating such a community would also be helpful in providing first-hand information to the charity that can be of great help in deciding its activities in the future.

Zoë Osmond, the CEO of GambleAware has stated “We are committed to meaningful and inclusive involvement of those with lived experience of gambling harms to ensure their voice is amplified across all areas of our work. The new Council and community members will bring their unique insight, expertise, and knowledge to GambleAware and help us in creating a society free from gambling harms.”

GambleAware is always striving to improve the safety of the gambling community and in the past, it also created the ALERTS group, as well as the National Clinician’s Network Forum.

Caesars Entertainment establishes a new education programme

Ceasers Entertainment is a famous hotel and casino chain that has more than 50,000 employees. Recently, this company has decided to establish and implement the All-in On Education programme, which aims to help its employees with their education finances. Namely, this programme will include student loan repayment plans, tuition assistance, a variety of scholarships and even a 529 savings plan. 

At Caesars Entertainment, they believe that education is key for everyone and all employees should have the opportunity to get it.  According to Stephanie Lepori, the Chief Administrative and Accounting Officer, “We believe in the power and potential of our team members, and we know that in helping them achieve their educational goals, we can shape the future of our company and the communities in which we operate.”

The All-In On Education programme will create plans to extend employees’ payment plans for easier management, it also creates a list of low or no-cost schools. What’s more, it will also give the employees access to the competitive Don Carano Legacy Scholarship. 


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