GambleAware presents a five-year gambling harm prevention strategy

Cvetanka Cvetanovska | Published 29 Apr 2021, 10:46 a.m.

GambleAware has published their 5-year organisational plan where they outline few key points focused on groups and individuals suffering from gambling-related harm. These objectives are related to awareness, inequalities, access, and service capacities, which will help minimise the issues across all levels of society.

These objectives will also aim to improve the effectiveness of the National Gambling Treatment Service. This independent charity organisation says that long-term financial commitments from the industry have made it easier and more achievable for them to focus on investments and strategies. The strategy document lists more than 40 programmes revolving around research, evaluation, education and treatments to support the vision.

Strong, continuous support from the industry 

We recently reported about GambleAware’s rise in donations, reaching a milestone in contributions from large iGaming and gambling providers. Last year ending with 31 March 2021, they’ve received a total of £19m in donations, or nearly 50% more compared to 2019. The CEO of GambleAware, Zoe Osmond, agrees that the financial support will help them expand their operations and execute their strategic plan.

This independent charity organisation is present with many studies and research that point to areas for improvement. They’ve recently conducted research about the deposit limit options and pointed that players reduce the bet amounts they set for themselves. The bet amounts were almost halved when stakeholders removed the deposit limits industry settings from their pages.

Representatives for the public explain that their vision is to have a society where everyone feels safe and protected from gambling harm. The number of citizens with gambling-related disorders will receive the proper treatment with a sustainable, multi-layered recovery rate. To accomplish this, it’s vital to ensure that mechanisms for effective prevention are in place. Moreover, those who are experiencing harms should be able to access and ask for the advice, support and treatment they need.

National Gambling Treatment Service- Future Plans 

Moving forward with their strategy plan, GambleAware will deliver an action plan based on public health, highlighted by three tiers of prevention: universal, selective and indicated. This new tier approach will enable them to deliver a system that demonstrated leadership in developing and maintaining a robust and coordinated service network.

In the end, they will keep maintaining a coherent, systematic approach with related parties. This way, public health agencies, community representatives and those who have been part or experienced gambling harm can improve the work of the National Gambling Treatment Service.

Osmond adds that it’s clear that GambleAware and other institutions have to collaborate in order to create a layered system that will prevent gambling harm. Thanks to the voluntary fundings and support, they can implement a long-term plan to create an environment where fewer people will experience this type of harm. In addition, those that will or are experiencing that type of harm will receive the right support and treatment for the challenge.

By 2026, they’re planning to build an effective and accessible treatment service. In the best-case scenario, this service will be identified as a strong collaboration between the NHS, prevention activities, behavioural centres and others. They hope that this plan will impact their vision and ensure that their programmes are tangible and sustainable even after the five-year campaign plan.

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