GambleAware sees a 47% rise in voluntary donations

Cvetanka Cvetanovska | Published 15 Apr 2021, 1:16 p.m.

GambleAware has published insights in regards to the donations for the last 12 months ending with 31 March 2021. Here, they’re emphasising their milestone and year-on-year growth in contributions resulting from the commitment and devotion from “The Big Four”. Last year, they received a total of £19m in voluntary donations or a 47% rise from the previous year.

Contributions by the most prominent gambling and betting names in the industry

The total rise in the 2019/2020 financial year results from the significant contributions of Entain, William Hill, bet365 and Entain. These four companies have donated nearly £100m to GambleAware over the next five years. Also, they’ve received £8.8 in regulatory settlements and £3.9 in donations from companies that support Bet Regret, the campaign that promotes safer gambling.

The CEO of GambleAware, Zoe Osmond, said that the growth in donations is the largest they’ve noted up until now, all because of the commitment of the largest gambling companies. Osmond further adds that this financial support will enable them to continue expanding their work to ensure their services are robust and accountable. Soon they will be launching a strategy that will align how they’ll plan their activities and campaigns with this increase in funding. All their initiatives, of course, will be focused to help players stay safe from gambling harm.

About GambleAware’s Work 

GambleAware has been pretty loud and bold in its ideas to reduce gambling-related harm. Recently, they’ve concluded research including more than 1,000 players and their gaming behaviour online. The study proved that by removing the settings for deposit limits, players reduce the bets they set for themselves by an impressive 46%.

They’ve also defended their approach in front of the House of Lords in terms of the gambling research, education and gambling treatment (RET) structure while launching new initiatives for safer gambling. The UKGC is also one of their first line supporters, as last April they’ve transferred £9m to GambleAware to fight problem gambling.

Rough analysis and estimations show that nearly two million adults in the UK experience some level of gambling-related harm. Research published this year indicated that one in three people with a gambling-related disorder hadn’t been part of any treatment or support initiative. These donations will raise the awareness and visibility for GambleAware, and at the same time, improve the National Gambling Treatment service.

UK National Lottery increases the player’s age limit

According to relevant authorities and representatives for the public, the UK National Lottery Games will no longer be available for players under the age of 18. This decision will take effect from the following week.

The changes in the T&Cs will prevent 16 and 17-year-olds from buying any lottery games or gambling-related products in the UK. However, they’ll be allowed to claim prized for scratchcards and ticked purchased before Thursday, 22 April.

A government review from last year follows the decision in increasing the age limit. This review concluded that the minimum age for participating in National Lottery activities should be the same as other forms of legal gaming.

This change applies to retail and online lottery sales. On the other hand, online accounts will include age verification check portals to ensure that measures follow the aligned protocols.

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