Gambling Legalisation – Nebraska And North Carolina

Viktor Vangelov | Published 12 Apr 2019, 2:46 p.m.

As you probably know by now, there are several US states are considering passing some form of gambling laws and there are few that have already passed gambling legislation in 2019. Last month we reported on the situation in Tennessee, Connecticut, Maryland and Ohio and as you can see from that US sports betting legalisation update,  the situation differs from state to state. 

Today we are reporting on the events in two other states – Nebraska and North Carolina. In both states the situation is positive, i.e. are moving forward with the legalisation of certain types of gambling. 

Gambling Legalisation Proposal In Nebraska

There are groups and organisations that are in favour of gambling in Nebraska and they have put forward a petition which calls for gambling legalisation and what’s more important they intend to push the legalisation attempt before the General Election scheduled for next year. 

The campaign is led by a committee called ‘Keep the Money’ and they are looking to make gambling legal at horseracing tracks across Nebraska. It should be noted that there was an attempt to make gambling legal in Nebraska, in 2016 and it failed. 

The proponents of gambling legalisation didn’t manage to collect enough signatures to put the issue up for vote. They did manage to collect 120,000 signatures back in 2016, but more than 40,000 were declared invalid. Signatures will be collected this time as well, but they will be collected by a new group.

Sports Betting Now Approved At Tribal Casinos In North Carolina

The Senate of North Carolina has approved sports betting and horse race wagering at two tribal casinos in the state. Two Cherokee Indian casinos will now be permitted to organises betting events.

A total of 43 senators voted in favour of the bill, whereas seven were against. The bill will now be submitted to the House. The Eastern Band of tribes are currently allowed to offer other forms of gambling such as slots, video poker games and even live poker. One of the Native Chiefs from the area said that sports betting will provide a different form of entertainment to all visitors, adding that they expect increased revenue due to this decision. 

One of the Senators who supported the bill, Republican Jim Davis said that the revenue for the tribe would be $14 million annually, whereas the state would be getting about $1 million in tax revenue. 

There are examples of states which didn’t manage to collect the expected sports betting revenue, such as Rhode Island and Delaware, whereas New Jersey is quite an opposite example. The revenue in this state exceeded all expectations. 

New Mexico is another state where sports betting is legalised and offered by tribal casinos, but this is a specific case as casinos don’t require approval from the state. 

Dutch Authorities Issue A €450K Fine To 

Dutch gambling regulatory body established that, a brand owned by Mansion Group, i.e. its sister company has breached its regulations for offering gambling in the Netherlands without an appropriate licence. was once fined back in 2013, and since it is a second offense, the initial fine was doubled from €200K to €400K and €50K were added as the company charged players administration costs on accounts that have been inactive for half a year.