Gambling Regulation News – Germany, Ireland And Malta

Viktor Vangelov | Published 22 Mar 2019, 3:56 p.m.

Last week we gave you an update on the legal situation in Germany and the opinion of Dr Patrick Sensberg regarding the legal framework. Regulations in Germany are complicated - was the obvious conclusion and appears that the situation will remain complicated in the next few years.

Namely, even though the 16 German states have already approved a new gambling treaty that would regulate matters on a federal level, although it wouldn’t solve the situation in general. Big decisions will still have to be made by German authorities. The decision actively postpones the deadline for a solution, i.e. Germany will continue tolerating sports betting until the summer of 2021 – June 30. 

16 German States Agree On A Gambling Regulation Treaty

Leaders of the 16 German states held a conference in Berlin and they decided to vote in favour of extending the deadline until the end of June 2021, or to be more precise this is the date until which sports betting will be permitted. Sports betting licences will be issued from the beginning of 2020 onwards.

The issue is not concluded though, as it has to be approved by the European Commission and it is not yet clear how that might go, as the Commission has previously rejected Germany’s attempt to put a cap on the number of licence holders, and the current solution includes a provision that bans online casino products. 

Schleswig-Holstein, one of the northern states issued a number of licences more than few years ago and even though some of these licences are expired, the state has released a piece of legislation that is set to extend their expiry date hoping that a nationwide consensus will be reached by the time they expire. 

One of the representatives of Schleswig-Holstein called the newly adopted treaty a great success, as it would grant the state the right to regulate its own industry. Tax funds collected from gambling operators are a viable source of income for the state. 

New Watchdog Organisation To Be Established In Ireland

In another EU country, Ireland there is an initiative to introduce a new watchdog organisation, although it won’t be established by 2020, and most probably towards the end of the year. The Irish Government approved the plan to establish a new regulatory body that will be entrusted with the role of oversight of gambling-related activities in the country. It’s mandate will extend to online form of gambling, including online betting. 

Gambling marketing will also be monitored by the newly formed body. Daily, weekly and monthly spending limits per player will be introduced. Still, it was reported that the formation of the body might take up to 18 months. The ultimate goal is to have a body that is able to finance itself through fees and other funds that it gathers.