How Are Live Dealer Games Different

Published 31 Oct 2018, 3:36 p.m.

How are live dealer games different from the regular casino games that you get to play in an online casino? Is the difference only in the way the cards are being distributed? Are there are any shift in the odds? Let’s answer these questions as we hear a lot of people asking about the same.

Before we confuse the seasoned online gamblers, let’s step aside and confirm that a live casino is actually one aspect of the online casino space. While we are speaking about the same thing, about the two sides of the same coin, there is a quite different one from another. You can see that the standard online casino game is there, and you can play it anytime, while the live dealer casino is actually a real casino presented through your device screen and it exists just like a real casino.

If you are new to the online casino world and you are searching for the right place to fit, the right game to play and the right casino to play the game at, but you have no idea whether you want to do it with a live dealer or regular online casino game, you are on the right place, as we are about to explain how are live dealer games different from the original ones.

Live Dealer vs RNG

If your choice is a live dealer game, you will notice how there is a live dealer that actually deals the cards and interacts with you. There is an advanced live streaming technology which possesses the abilities to transfer the video online while people are connecting to the stream, or in other words, sitting on the table. You will see the real dealers dealing cards and playing with the real balls feel, which somehow it means that you are being transported to Las Vegas in some fancy casino without getting to pay the flight and the hotel.

With the live dealer option, you can play all the most favourite and most famous casino games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and much more from the comfort of your home and with a live dealer.

The main difference is that the regular online casino games are using an RNG (Random Number Generator) to deal the cards in a truly random way, the process in the live dealer games is done by the dealer himself. This enhances the authentic feeling and it shows how it’s done in a real live casino.

If you want to play at some of the live dealer casinos that are a top-notch of this business, you may need to have some of the most stable internet connections, and there is also a camera requirement if you want to play on their tables with their dealers. You need to have an internet connection which is stable and that’s one of the things that might belong to the live casino cons.

Authentic vs. Electronic

When you are playing in a casino with a live dealer, you are not only playing with the live dealer himself, but also against the other players that are on the table, and they are coming from all over the world. In the online casino games, you will have hard times communicating with the rest of the players, while in a live dealer casino you will be able to interact with the rest of the table. For the player that are playing casino games for a long time, they might use the chat to gain the advantage on the table.

Because you will be playing the casino games with other players, you should be aware that you need to practice proper casino etiquette, which is the same requirement if you go to a Las Vegas casino and sit on some table to play casino games. Playing from behind a screen won’t let you do whatever you want, and you still need to conduct yourself in a proper manner. Follow the rules, respect the other payers as well as the dealer, and keep away from swearing, yelling and overall rudeness, and you will have no problem playing in the casino whatsoever.

The RNG has been used in the slot machines as well as the video poker machines for quite a long time now (More than two decades), so we can make sure it’s a pretty safe way of handling the generating of the random numbers. Some online casino websites even have a third party auditing system like the GamCare or Technical System Testing to make sure everything runs smoothly on their websites and all the people are receiving the random numbers they were promised.

On the other hand, there is something authentic when you see a deck of cards being shuffled by a live dealer, especially a professional one, which is the casino in the mid and top class casinos online. When a person reveals the cards, there is something special about it, whether it’s the timing of the revealing, the inherited human dealer that is still going after a century or any third reason, we love seeing people shuffling and uncovering our cards.


So, there you have it, we answered how are live dealer games different from the regular online casino.

The original casino uses an RNG to determine the outcome that we see on the reels, while the live dealer uses the authentic shuffle of the dealer himself to draw a random card from the deck of cards.

The odds of the game itself are not that different – you can’t predict the next card which is going to be drawn or dealt, but you may have different experiences while playing the games like in the live dealer you are playing with people from all over the world – the cameras are on and your responses to a certain win or loss might be limited.

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