How Many Coins Should I Play on Each Spin?

Published 2 Nov 2018, 1:10 p.m.

When new players enter the casino world they are overwhelmed with many questions and terms, and they are still fresh to develop strategies about playing slots. So, it is of the utmost importance that we introduce you to the slot basics. Among them, you will find that the coins staked on each spin are an integral part to your game. So, if you ask yourself “How many coins should I play on each spin” then you should not look further, because this is the place where you will find the answers on this issue. So, we hope you will have fun reading this article.

So, How Many Coins Should I Play On Each Spin?

When you want to play a certain game, the first thing you will have to do upon opening the game is to determine your total bet. This is mainly done by determining the coin size and number of activated paylines. Let’s say the slot has 10 paylines, and your coin size is £0.20, then your total stake is £2. So, actually the total stake is a sum of the total activated paylines and the determined coin size. This is very integral in your gameplay, since it is the basis of your slot strategy.

Many slots include the “Bet Max” option, which enables you to stake the maximum available stake according to your balance. But you should be careful with this, as it can greatly decrease your credit balance and drown you out.
So, developing a strategy regarding activated paylines and coin size is crucial to your general gameplay.

How Many Coins Should I Play On Each Spin? – Overview

After you got into the paylines and coin size, you should know some other facts about slots which will help you develop your strategy as well as increase your chances of winning.
The first term is RTP. So, here we will provide you with a brief explanation about the Return To Player percentage. Simply explained, RTP stands for “Return To Player” and is defined as a percentage of all the wins versus the played stakes. This percentage is a calculated average percentage of a certain number of plays, rather than every play of that game.

You should know that the number of reels does not play any role in the calculation of the game’s RTP. This is supported by the fact that there are so plenty of online games with three reels that have a higher RTP percentage than some online slots with four reels or over. You can find out detailed information on the RTP of a game by opening the games “Info” button.

What Slots Should I Play?

Every slot player, whether playing for fun or for great amounts of cash should make a habit of playing online slots that have above average RTP percentages. Keep in mind, that the average percentage for RTP is 96.00%, so everything above that is considered above-average. Ultimately, games with lower RTP will provide you with shorter sessions and increased loss of cash.

While playing some games, players need to activate the maximum number of paylines to have better chances at receiving higher payouts. Most online slots are designed to award the highest Return To Player percentages only when players opt to play across all paylines.

Slots With Highest RTP Percentages

Goblin's Cave - 99.32% RTP
Ugga Bugga - 99.07% RTP
Ooh Aah Dracula - 99% RTP
Mega Joker - 98.90% RTP
Alaxe In Zombieland - 98.86% RTP
Blood Suckers - 98% RTP
Good Girl, Bad Girl - 97.80% RTP
Kings of Chicago - 97.80% RTP
Devil's Delight - 97.60% RTP
Simsalabin - 97.50% RTP

What Is RNG?

The next term that you need to know when talking about slots is the RNG, or the random number generator, which is basically the brains of the slot machine. In the past decades when slots were purely mechanical, developers used mechanical concepts which obviously had limitations. With the development of technology, this process has been digitalized. It is now done on a computer chip.

The RNG basically has one function and that is to “generate random numbers”. It does this constantly, generating a new set of randomized numbers in a fraction of a second and repeating the process.
This is an integral part in understanding how a slot machine works. The common misconception is that a player pulls the handle, the machine generates random numbers and that determines whether a player wins or loses. In reality, what happens is that RNG supplies the machine with a random set of numbers it has generated.

How Many Coins Should I Play On Each Spin? – Concluding Remarks

You will find that when you are playing most in not all slot games online you will have the ability to adjust the coin values and number of coins you wager per payline and you will in most cases be able to pick and choose just how many pay lines on a slot game you activate.

However, there is one question that you may have in regards to playing multi-stake slot games and that is whether the actual stakes you are playing those slot machines for have an effect either positive or negative on your overall winning chances.

This is a good question, for you would have thought that a high stake player who is prepared to stake for maximum bet spins when playing online slots games should be given a reward with more winning payouts than a player who only wishes to play a for tiny stakes per spin.

So, there you have it, our review on “How many coins should I play on each spin?”. We hope that you find it helpful and fun to read.

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