How Many Slot Machines Are Available To Play?

Published 24 Oct 2018, 7:50 a.m.

Slots have the privilege to be both the newest and the most popular type of casino games. Well, we say that slots are the newest type of casino games, but they are not exactly new, slots have been around for over a century. But, things have changed a lot since the end of the 19th century. In fact, this period is the gambling industry equivalent of the Palaeolithic era and the period until the end of the WWII is still Ancient times when it comes to slots development. Slot machines have changed, as has their availability and their number – so the question ‘how many slot machines are available to play?’, can be answered with – always more than before. New games are released on a regular basis and the old ones remain available. 

The Birth Of Online Slots

So, giving an answer to the question ‘how many slot machines are available to play?’ might be more complicated than it seems, as there’s no central register with all slot games that are available, plus new games are released on a regular basis, if not every week or even every day. Plus, occasionally developers and casinos discontinue old games, even though some slots that have been released a while ago are still available today. 

In the first decade or so, there was just one slot machine, then a second one was released, and their number kept growing over the years. There was a true expansion in the last 25 years or so, ever since the first online slot was released. If you want to know how slots went online and what was the first online slot game, we have the answers. 

How To Play Slot Machines For Beginners

While there are quite a lot of online slots, they all share a set of underlying principles, so if you’re looking to start playing slots online, you will need to learn few things and then you will be able to play any slot, regardless whether it is a standard video slot or a progressive jackpot game

Bear in mind that any instructions on how to play slots can only include the technical aspects of the game, it is not possible to learn how to win, there are no secrets to winning on slot machines. So, if they tell you how to play slot machines and win big, you should not trust them, no matter how convincing their tips sound. How to play slot machines for dummies instructions should include advice on wagering, betting limits, special features and other more general stuff. 

Nowadays when we discus slot machines and how to play them, we usually mean online slots, although there are still a lot of people who prefer playing slots at land-based casinos. So, if the question is how to play slot machines in Vegas, the answer might include certain elements that won’t be mentioned when discussing online slots. However, we have to say that the essence of the game remains unchanged regardless whether we’re discussing online slots or land-based games. 

How Many Slot Machines Are Available To Play Online

If we’re to give you a non-precise answer to the question ‘how many slot machines are available to play online?’, it would be – a lot! If we have to give you a precise number, things get a bit more difficult. To say that there are hundreds of slots, that would be an understatement, because they are actually thousands. But, if you’re looking for a specific number like 3.576, that won’t be possible simply because the number changes, practically, on a daily basis and there is no full register which includes all slot games, so we’d have to give you an approximate number. 

There’s a general consensus that there are roughly 4,000 slot machines, if we consider only online games, but there aren’t that many land-based variations anyways. There are dozens of online slot providers and each of these companies has developed dozens if not hundreds of games. New companies are established on a regular basis and new games are launched all the time, so that explains why the exact number can’t be determined with ease.

Most individual casinos offer few to several hundred online slot games, although there are quite a few sites that offer around 1,000 slots or even more. We should say that quantity isn’t the only thing that matters, as with other things in life. The number of games isn’t the only indicator of a casino’s trustworthiness and quality. In fact, it is a lot more important for a casino to offer, popular, top-notch games with a higher RTP percentage. 

RTP is one of the most discussed topics when it comes to online slots. RTP is short for return to player and this percentage tells us how much of the total wagers staked on a slot are returned to players as winnings. So, if the RTP is 96%, that means that out of every theoretical £100, at least £96 are returned to the players as winnings. Note that we said theoretical £100, as the RTP is calculated over a very high number of virtual spins before the game is released. 

Which Slot Games To Play 

Obviously, you can’t go through all online slots before decided which one or which ones to play, as there are thousands. We already mentioned the RTP. Although it doesn’t guarantee anything, as all games are entirely random, a high RTP is still an indicator that you’re more likely to win on that game, compared to a game with a lower RTP. However, and we can’t stress this enough, the RTP is a theoretical return, calculated over a large number of spins.

In addition to the RTP, players tend to look for games that are entertaining and fun. Although this is a matter of personal preference, there are games that are more popular than others. For instance, Double Bubble slot by Gamesys, is one of the most popular online slots.

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