Is Gambling On A Slot Machine Really Random?

Published 1 Nov 2018, 9:37 a.m.

The world of online casinos represents a multimillion dollar industry that provides a form of entertainment and winnings to millions of people around the world. We could say that the online casino is the new Las Vegas and Macau and the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, but in all reality the two categories are still incomparable. Even though the medium is the same - providing gambling entertainment - the venues make the experience entirely different. 

While online casinos are yet to match the numbers of players that are drawn by the grand casinos of the world, that time may not be that far from now. Playing at online casinos and winnings do go hand in hand for the lucky players out there. But at any rate, the online casino player and the land casino player may be mulling the same questions about their gaming experience. One of the questions that do arise is: Is Gambling On A Slot Machine Really Random?

The Stuff That Makes Slots

This question opens up a field for discussion that goes into the technical aspects that has everything to do with the software - but not just that. The casino games and slots software producers have to comply with the standards and rules that are being set forward by gambling jurisdictions. We could safely say that in most cases these governing bodies share the same high expectations for the fulfillment of an absolute level of fairness when it comes to the balance of payouts between the proverbial house and the player. 

In the age of video slots the software and the type of the slot determine the odds and the theoretical winning outcomes. This is where we will find the answer to the matter of, is gambling on a slot machine really random. To begin with, the software behind every online and land based casino slot represents a fine mathematical product that ensures the randomness of the slot game. The software is not an exclusive invention for the casino industry, rather it is a somewhat standard thing in the world of mathematics. Called the ‘Random Number Generator’ this is a very long and in all likelihood, an inexhaustible sequence of numbers that are being generated at random.

So, Is Gambling On A Slot Machine Really Random?

The answer is as clear-cut as the most expensive diamond in the world - gambling on a slot machine is always a random experience. The random number generatoris programmed as an infallible generator of random number sequences. Each time you press the Spin button the software will generate a new sequence of numbers which will determine if you will hit a winning combination. On the matter of how the winning combinations are determined we are beyond the technical requirements of that knowledge, so we can’t present it to a fine detail. Said in simple terms, in the number sequence there is a number that is tied to a winning. Whenever that number randomly drops, the winning combination will be paid out. 

Playing on the Slots - Between Randomness and Luck

This is pretty much a speculation of the fine differences between randomness and luck. Some people find no difference and equate the two as the two sides of the same coin. Others like to see the occurrence of stroke of luck as a metaphysical event which is different from the randomness which determines the winnings in a slot machine. We like to see playing the slots as a fusion between randomness of luck. Let’s call it luckomness, just for fun. When the player sits on a slot he or she comes with either a predetermined disposition in regards to the outcome. Most players are determined to win, even though it is a random even of luck. Some players come with the mindset of playing for fun. Now which approach is more correct? And does the answer do justice to the matter of is gambling on a slot machine really random?

Being games of chance, the slots are exactly what the software is called - random number generators, hence, if you are lucky on a given sitting, the lucky number will stop in the sequence when you have pulled the lever and result in a hefty winning combination, or even a jackpot. However, being relaxed about it will help you overcome the losses, or not mind the fact at all. It is always reiterated that slots are games of chance and that gambling is a form of entertainment. Just like we pay to go to a music concert we pay to play the slots. In both cases the objective is to get entertained. 

Luck is Luck

Conversely, you may turn lucky at a concert in more than one way. You may be treated to a drink from the perfect stranger or, leaving the venue, you may step on a wad of cash; not being inside a wallet, you will have no moral obligation to stand at the exit or call the money in. Who knows whose money that was! The same logic goes for the slots. You pay for entertainment. A random stroke of luck may stumble you upon a jackpot. If it has been a progressive jackpot you ought to know that the pot has been filled by hundreds of players who may have dropped £10 or £20 or few hundred pounds on the game. If you’ve won the jackpot you’ve basically won their money, and some of the house’s. That’s exactly how luck works - in mysterious ways, just like the random number generator. 

Concluding Remarks

When playing online slots for fun you should consider the element of luck as a driving force behind the eventual outcome of scoring big cash. Conversely, veteran slots players never approach the casinos with the attitude that they are going to win this time. Are slots fun to play? Certainly are. Are slots a form of entertainment? That is certainly true also. But also, being irresponsible could get some people into trouble. So consider the question, is gambling on a slot machine really random, when you are choosing your attitude towards your gaming experience. 

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