Is It Fun To Play Progressive Type Of Online Slots?

Published 22 Oct 2018, 7:40 a.m.

We could guess with a high degree of likelihood that every online casino and slots player has asked the question, is it fun to playprogressivetype of online slots? And we are delighted to provide an answer to that question, but it wouldn’t be fun saying yes or no, because, as we all know, that depends on the preference of the player. However, there are some general guidelines according to which we can make a final verdict. So brace yourself for the ride so that we can settle a dispute that has existed since the appearance of the first progressive jackpot slot game at the online casino that fist hosted it. 

How Many Slots Are There?

It may be a little known fact that there are more than 4000 slots. Many of these are obsolete and unavailable at any given casino; many are still there but are slowly being pulled down; yet a lot more slots receive few spins here are there but are really not at all significant for the players nor for the casinos. Once we have excluded all of these slots we are left with those that the players enjoy playing, and these can be divided in two categories: online slots and progressive jackpot slots.

First, let’s take a look at what remains of the online slots - those that are available at online casinos and bingo sites with online slots. These are the slots games that have stood the test of time. Some, like the Cleopatra slot, are close to 15 years old. Others are brand new, having been released just yesterday, yet poised to do battle with the players’ favorites. Because gaming software developers release new slots every so often, many games are brought on the roster, they are given the chance to impress, and if they do they retain some sort of permanence instead of those that haven’t caused any excitement for some time.

Standard Slots vs Progressive Jackpot

Progressive Jackpot slots are the other category of games. These are fewer in number and represent a thing of its own. Many players become so called ‘jackpot hunters’ and look for progressive jackpot slots that have delivered a sum of money recently. While there is no proof that these slots are bound to deliver another payout, there isn’t a proof that points to the opposite. So the players follow their own hunch and pick a favorite progressive jackpot slot to play for a period of time, or select few such games to frequent over a time period. There is a reason why there aren’t too many progressive jackpot slots. 

First off, most players prefer regular slots. Thay may make little sense, but if you put your mind to it, it is obvious that there is a small but significant difference between these and progressive jackpot. Namely, slots with a regular jackpot or top payout amount are greater in number and there are many titles that are played by few people. If that resonates with some meaning, then it would make sense why progressive jackpot slots have on aggregate fewer players. Another reason may certainly be that progressive slots are fewer in number. At any rate, let’s finally address the question - is it fun to playprogressivetype of online slots? Yes it is! And here is why.
Progressive Jackpot Slot Technology 

Is it Lots of Fun To Play Progressive Type Of Online Slots?

The technology behind progressive jackpot slots involves more and better involvement on the part of the developers and Internet Communications experts. Precisely, progressive jackpot slots are available across multiple casinos, yet they are all the same game. To clarity, a software developer has released a progressive online slot machine. You would think that this game would be exclusive to a certain casino, or to the group that it belongs, but it is the opposite. Progressive slots can belong to many different casinos, and they still retain the same seed jackpot amount, or the progressive sum of money that rises as long as the players play on that particular slot. 

Besides being linked together through a common server, the progressive slot receives real-time update as for the sum that it provides as its jackpot. Players who play on that slot game are contributing to the jackpot, so the sum rises with every minute - until someone claims all of it or part. That makes it certainly lots of fun playing the progressive type of online slots. You are one of hundreds if not thousands of people who are playing any one of the several dozen progressive slots, and the thrill of the amount of the jackpot rising with every second. That’s an adventure in and of itself, so yes, it is fun to play progressive type of online slots.

Some Progressive Jackpot Slots 

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune by NetEnt is a massively popular progressive jackpot slot game. There is a lot to be said about this wealth-themed slot that inspires lucre and throwing money around on parties and possessions. At any rate, it is a great game to play besides the fact of it being a progressive jackpot slot. Mega Fortune on Secret Slots may be your lucky thing, so check out the review and claim your welcome bonus to play. 

Mega Moolah

This is one of the early online progressive slots. Made by Microgaming, it is somewhat of a savanna-themed game featuring some animal heads and cards numbers and letters. Still, the unimpressive graphics are done away with when you consider the jackpot amount for a second. Sometimes it has gotten to high seven figures, and Mega Moolah was the slot game that produced the world-record winning of a progressive jackpot sum.

Divine Fortune

This ancient Greece themed slot game has five reels and comes with lots of action with the bonus features. These are part of the jackpot game, which is a separate thing besides the progressive jackpot. During the gameplay the urn becomes filled with tokens every time the bonus symbol appears on the reels. This creates chances for great winnings. On top of that, this is a popular game so the progressive jackpot does fill up pretty fast. 

Before deciding to play any type of slots, return to the question for a second, Is It Fun To Play Progressive Type Of Online Slots? If you know the answer is yes, then claim your welcome package from your casino of chaice and play a progressive slot game.