Is Single Deck Blackjack Better Than Multiple Deck Blackjack?

Published 12 Nov 2018, 4:28 p.m.

Let’s put it plainly - blackjack is a helluva game. It is so popular that there are televised blackjack tournaments from some of the most popular casinos around the world. It’s not quite holdem in terms of popularity, but it is nevertheless an amazing casino card game counts for one of the top most frequently played games ever. There may be a lot of unanswered questions regarding this game. Veteran players and new players want to know, what is the house edge, what is the best blackjack strategy, and last but not least, is single deck blackjack better than multiple deck blackjack

We will try to put the last question into a perspective so that you can discover the insights that may guide you towards choosing the right game when at the blackjack table. As you may have heard, blackjack can in fact be played out of a single deck. How does that affect the odds of the game? Is it better to play out of a single deck, or is the dealer drawing from multiple decks better for the player? Find out as we go into this matter.

What Is The Objective In A Game Of Blackjack

Single deck or multiple deck blackjack, the objective is the same. For those that are just starting out, the objective is very simple. Get a total of 21 from the cards or whatever amount that is as close to 21, but not past it. If the dealer scores lower or higher than 21 you win the game. There are many ways how to get there. You can land two cards that have a value of 10 - these are the face cards or the number ten card - plus an ace. Another way to score a blackjack is to get an ace and a ten card. In that case the ace counts as 11, however, you can choose how the ace should be counted. 

You can also score a string of cards that get close to 21 or exactly there. If you get a string of small cards, like two, three, and so on, you can land a blackjack or get close if you are lucky enough not to exceed the aggregate value. At any rate, is there any difference in the outcome when you are playing out of a single or multiple deck? So is single deck blackjack better than multiple deck blackjack?

What Is A Single Deck Blackjack?

If there is the option to play one-deck blackjack, you will see the dealer shufling the cards with each new dealing of hands. However, the rules are different here, as the dealer has a hit on soft 17 - meaning, if the dealer has a hand that has an ace and a six, he or she has a hit. The player can't spil his or her hand more than three times, which is something that is available with a multiple deck blackjack. 

Another rule is, when you get a hand with an ace, you could only get one card to each ace, as these can not be split again. One rule that is in favor of the player is that a hand that has a split ace and a ten-value card can not count as a blackjack. When it comes to the odds, a blackjack win is worth three to two, and winning hands of different combination of cards pay one to one. Overall, the main advantage in this game is that the house has the smallest edge out of any variant of the blackjack game, however, if you are playing at a casino do ask for the rules, especially when it comes to the payout, as these may be altered to favor the house and widen the smaller edge. 

What Is A Multiple Deck Blackjack?

The most common type of multiple deck blackjack has six decks, however, the eight-deck variant is just as popular with the casinos. When it comes to the rules, in a Las Vegas Rule Six Deck Blackjack and Atlantic City Rule are the same with one difference. All of the basic rules of a blackjack game are there with some additional ones. Both the dealer and the player can hit a soft 17 and call a double on any pair of cards that get him or her closer to 21 or exactly there. But in the end, is single deck blackjack better than multiple deck blackjack?

Can there be a double following a split? Yes there can, as well as there can be a resplit for up to four hands. When it comes to surrendering the game, that will depend on the casino, but most of the casinos do not allow it - there are exceptions however. The only difference between the Atlantic City and the Las Vegas game of six deck blackjack is that in the former there is no hit soft hand 17. 

Is Single Deck Blackjack Better Than Multiple Deck Blackjack?

It is tough to make a call on this one. Both games are fun to play, that is for sure. When it comes to the odds, the single deck blackjack is slightly better than the six deck, whenever the payout rules have not been augmented to put the house in the driver’s seat. The multiple deck blackjack has some very interesting advantages, for those who prefer those. The hit or stay on soft 17 rule is good for the player whenever the dealer stays. If he or she hits, the house edge becomes higher for the dealer. 

To conclude, it comes down the player’s preference, as the difference in the house edge is close to negligible. If you have learned and are applying the basic blackjack strategy, then whatever game you pick, it may be of little significance when it comes to the odds. So what we are left with is the style of play. If you are into doubling and splitting your hand, then a single deck blackjack may be better in the end. If not, you could play to hit or stay on a soft 17, as noted above.

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