Kevin Kilminster Of Playtech On Gambling As Entertainment

Viktor Vangelov | Published 12 Mar 2019, 4:14 p.m.

Kevin Kilminster is the current Head of Live Casino Innovation at one of the most successful online slots developers – Playtech. He recently gave an interview where he discussed all aspects regarding live casino games, as well as gambling in general. Multiple online casinos offer live dealer games on their sites and a lot of players prefer them over standard software-based casino games, so let’s see what Kevin Kilminster has to say on the matter.

Customer Support Matters

Kilminster used to work for William Hill and reflecting on that experience he concludes that when you work for a supplier you need to have a much wider perspective of the industry as a whole, as opposed to working for an operator. He added that he gained a lot of knowledge after joining Playtech, and that it was a challenging move for him because he was used to the system that was in place at William Hill. 

Suppliers are there to support operators and help them realise their strategies. When it comes to live casino games, customer support is a very important aspect. Kilminster and everybody at Playtech want to ensure that both operators, but also their customers, i.e. the players, are satisfied with the products they produce. 

Live Casinos Are Fast-Changing

Playtech’s Head of Live Casino Innovation said that live casino is a fast-growing segment and it is changing daily. Technology has a severe impact on live casino games, and everybody has to adapt to the changes. He still feels that there is a lot of room to improve. After all, online gambling is an area where there isn’t a limit to how much you can improve and innovate. Kilminster feels that the company needs to keep investing in its staff and technology and they will keep on trying to meet the expectations of all players. 

It’s All About The Entertainment

It was when he was asked on the company’s plans for 2019 and the upcoming period when Kilminster gave the answer that we used in our title. Namely, he said that gambling is all about entertainment and that entertainment is their biggest ambition for the year. He said unlike everyone else, his primary focus isn’t money. Playtech, according to Kilminster have worked a lot on that aspect in the past three years and they intend to work even more. 

Three Playtech games that will be released this year were presented at the ICE London conference. In addition to entertainment, excitement is another term that will describe Playtech’s approach in the upcoming period. The needs of the existing players are important, but it is also important to look at new players and work on what they may expect from live dealer games. 

Delivering Enjoyable Experience To Players

Players in different markets have different requirements and expectations, so game providers have to stay on top on technology, but also on top of the other requirements. The emergence of the first HTML5 games and in general HTML5 technology in the casino sector was a huge thing for the industry as a whole. 

Since live casinos are usually developed as a full and complete piece, it is always challenging for developers to keep it updated and as advanced as possible. 

Delivering enjoyable experience is the first and most important requirement for any creator of live casino games, or any games for that matter. It is both an opportunity and a challenge.