Large Crackdown On Internet Gambling In China And Vietnam

Published 11 Jun 2019, 12:07 p.m.

While many US states are looking to legalise one or multiple forms of gambling, including online gambling and the UK authorities are trying to pass legalisation that will provide additional punter protection, Asian countries are struggling against illegal gambling and show no intention of legalising gambling anytime soon.

Alabama legalised daily fantasy sports, whereas Illinois is about to legalise sports betting very soon. UK authorities, including the Gambling Commission and the Advertising Standards Authority, launched several initiatives in the past few months, aimed at improving industry standards and providing a higher degree of customer protection.

There was a major police action in China with multiple arrests and, according to police reports, in an attempt to crack a large illegal gambling ring. Vietnamese police weren’t far behind after deporting a number of Chinese nationals for gambling illegally.

78 Suspects Arrested In Chinese Province Anhui

In a major police action, 78 people were arrested in the Chinese province Anhui, according to local news. Police started their investigation in October last year, and it has been reported that one player lost almost $45,000 in a game called Zork. Anhui wasn’t the only province where they were active, apparently the ring also stretched to neighbouring Hubei and Jiangsu and the total worth of the operation exceeded $18.5 million. New players were attracted via online live streams.  Still, the police released some of the people who were arrested, but 46 of them are still in custody.

35 Chinese Deported From Vietnam

The Chinese nationals that were recently deported from Vietnam were also involved in online gambling-related activities. The police in Da Nang province raided six rented properties where, according to local media reports, these activities took place. All of the involved individuals were escorted to the Chinese border where they were handed over to Chinese authorities.

Online gambling is not legal in Vietnam, it is only possible to place wagers at land-based licensed casino. Vietnamese nationals were arrested last year in May, for online gambling activities that took place in the Hai Duong and Hung Yen provinces of Vietnam.

Citizens of China and Vietnam can’t expect to be able to place wagers legally any time soon. Authorities in these countries don’t seem to understand that they can’t stop their citizens from placing bets. If they legalise and regulate gambling, they would have full control of the process and they would be able to collect tax revenue.

Betway And Bet365 Looking To Expand In Argentina

South American nations are also looking forward to online gambling regulation. Argentina, it’s Buenos Aires province to be more specific, legalised online gambling and two major operators – Betway and Bet365 are looking to expand to this market.

The two companies teamed up with two local companies, Betway will work with Bingo King, whereas Bet365 made a deal with Pasteko. Codere, a smaller operator agreed to work with Iberargen and start offering its services in Buenos Aires, if the deal is approved.

The province of Buenos Aires will grant seven online gambling services, so it is understandable that there is a lot of interest from operators which are looking to expand their operations. Many predict that South America will be the next major region for online gambling expansion. If the operations in Buenos Aires prove to be successful, it is almost certain that other provinces will legalise online gambling as well.