New controversial online slot to be released

Viktor Vangelov | Published 23 Sep 2020, 1:59 p.m.

Online slots are released on a regular basis, pretty much daily, so the launch of a new online slot wouldn’t exactly be considered news, even if it’s a game that has been developed by one of the leading software providers. But this is a pretty extraordinary situation and, we might add, a rather controversial one.

Namely, it has just been announced that GameArt, a company that’s based in Malta and is not licenced by the UK Gambling Commission. The fact that GameArt has not been licenced in the UK, on its own, is a reason to be cautious about them and their games, but this time they went a step further and have announced their collaboration with a very controversial figure – streamer Roshtein. The game Roshtein Immortality Cube Megaways is the result of that collaboration.

Roshtien – a popular streamer, or a scammer?

Now the fact that GameArt has not been licenced in the UK isn’t sufficient to claim that the provider should be blacklisted or that their games are problematic, but this particular game has been branded quite problematic. The reason for this is the fact that Roshtein has been blamed that he is fake money streaming. It is also suspected that he might be engaged in view botting.

Fake money streaming involves playing games with funds that are not withdrawable. Thus, viewers get the impression that the streamer is using real money, when in fact this money is fake. This is considered to be a form of a viewer fraud, because people who watch the stream are led to believe that the player is using real funds.

View botting refers to the practice of artificially increasing the number of viewers by using bots. It is estimated that 400 bots can attract 50 real players who then deposit money and fund the streamer. Viewers are led to believe that the stream is popular based on the number of viewers, but that number has been inflated.

It is fair to say that Roshtein isn’t the only streamer who has been alleged to employ these practices, something which the streamer (real name: Ishmael Swartz) has denied on few occasions. It is believed that both of these practices are widely used in the streaming community.

What about GameArt?

This is not the first controversy in which GameArt has been involved either. Namely, in 2018, the provider stated that they have been licensed by the Maltese Gaming Authority which turned out to be false. The Gaming Authority released a statement which rebutted this claim, adding that the regulatory body had no relation to the company. On top of that, GameArt have been alleged to be cheating on the demo version of their games. Namely, it has been said that players cannot lose while playing the games in demo mode, which would than give them a false impression and encourage them to play the game with real money, believing that they would also be winning then.

As a result, the company’s reputation has suffered and you will not find their slots on many of the reputable casino sites. You will find them on sites that are licenced in jurisdictions where the approach is very liberal so to say.