Online Casino Gambling Now Legal In West Virginia

Viktor Vangelov | Published 29 Mar 2019, 4:01 p.m.

 West Virginia became the latest US state to legalise online casino gambling, including poker. That is the latest big news, as the state’s Governor had just signed the H 2934 bill into law which in turn legalises online casino gambling and poker in this US state.

The Lottery Interactive Wagering Act was passed through the House of Delegates this February and then it was reviewed and amended by the State Senate. West Virginia was one of the first states that recognised the opportunity after the PASPA was repealed last year in May.

West Virginia Is The Fifth Country To Legalise Online Gambling

We didn’t include West Virginia in our piece US Gambling News – What’s going on across the pond from February, but today West Virginia definitely is the news of the day. All five land-based casinos on West Virginia can apply for a casino or a poker permit. This makes the Mountain State the fifth state in the country to legalise casino gambling and poker online.

Each of the operators that receives a licence will have to pay $250,000 initially and then additional $100,000 to renew the licence.

Every licence will need to be renewed after five years. Companies will also need to pay for service and platform management licences, the cost of these licences will also be $100,000. Additional $10,000 will be paid for supplier licences.

All five casinos in West Virginia already have sports betting partners. William Hill US is a partner of two of the five casinos – Mountaineer Casino and Hollywood Casino. Awarded A New Jersey Licence

While we’re at the topic of American gambling, licences and partners, it has just been announced that are now authorised to expand in New Jersey. The company applied for an Ancillary CSIE licence and it has just been approved by the state Division of Gaming Enforcement. has several agreements in the state, but this give them a chance to increase their market share, especially considering that New Jersey’s gambling industry is on the rise generally speaking.

February was a particularly successful month for New Jersey and its industry, and the year-on-year growth was 26%, as the industry value for the past 12 months was $241.2 million. The most recent statistics show that the increase in casino win was almost $200 million (16%), whereas the internet gaming win grew to $31.7 million.

The CEO of, Charles Gillespie, said that the licence will give the company a chance to expand its participation in a very profitable market. 

German Gambling Legislation – Long Way To Catch Up

And let’s conclude this with some news from Europe, i.e. from the largest economy in Europe – Germany. Last week we reported on the regulation treaty signed by 16 German states, but it seems that it wasn’t met with the acclaim that was expected, in fact, many felt that the decision will not solve all issues. If we compare the situation in Germany to the situation in its neighbouring states – Belgium and the Netherlands, it appears that the general public in both of the latter states was a lot more excited about the respective legal solutions.

Germany is a lot larger market than the Netherlands and Belgium, even if we take both countries together. Germany has a GDP of $3.7 trillion, whereas the GDP of the Netherlands is $826.2 billion and that of Belgium $492.7 billion. The population of Germany is 82.7 million, whereas the Netherlands and Belgium have joint population of 28 million.