Paddy Power With A Clever Marketing Ploy

Viktor Vangelov | Published 23 Jul 2019, 8:52 a.m.

Paddy Power have released quite a few controversial ad campaigns over the years and each and every single one of them did manage to catch the attention of the public. We all remember their ad featuring Ryan Giggs’s brother Rhodri – Loyalty is dead. They have also offered quite a few rather quirky betting markets in the past several years, especially regarding current US president Donald Trump.

Last time this company made the news when they announced that they are going to change their name from Paddy Power Betfair to Flutter Entertainment. Paddy Power Betfair was the company name following the merger of Paddy Power and Betfair. It was even reported that they won’t keep the old brand names for historical campaigns and existing punters.

Before Christmas last year, multiple betting operators announced their decision to stop advertising during live sporting events. Paddy Power was one of the operators that agreed to this, but some operators were willing to go even further. Namely, GVC Holdings, a company that owns multiple UK operators announced that they are planning to stop promoting on football shirts, especially during events that are televised.

Paddy Initially Announced Huddersfield Sponsorship

Despite the fact that it was expected for betting companies to refrain from signing new shirt sponsorship deals, especially since GVC are known to put pressure on competition to follow their example, one of the largest operators in the UK announced that they have signed a new partnership deal that includes a shirt sponsorship deal. Namely, Paddy Power released a statement that they will be sponsoring Huddersfield Town.

Soon after the shirt edition was also released with many fans and impartial observers commenting on the horrendous design. But, the story didn’t end there. Paddy Power managed to fool everybody, yet again.

In few days’ time Paddy announced that they are sponsors of Huddersfield Town and that they aren’t sponsoring the club. The past few days were quite eventful, below we’ll talk a bit more about the story and how it unfolded. Namely, soon after Paddy Power announced the sponsored shirt, Huddersfield Town announced the actual shirt without Paddy Power’s logo.

It Was All PR

What happened next is actually the twist. While everybody first thought that it is some sort of a quarrel between the operator and the club, it turned out to be a very clever marketing ploy. Namely, right after Huddersfield announced the unsponsored shirt, Paddy Power launched a quite original campaign – “Save Our Short”. The campaign was actually a call against betting shirt sponsorships.

The trick was quite successful, and it did the trick. Even people that have been in the industry fall victims to the stunt. One thing is certain, Paddy Power’s competition who are not inclined to share their attitude towards shirt sponsorship, will not be too happy, as this move puts pressure on them to stop sponsoring football shirts.

It is interesting to note that punters aren’t of the opinion that shirt sponsorship is that problematic. Namely, the EFL did a survey where a total of 27,000 supporters participated and 71% of them felt that it is acceptable to feature gambling logos on football shirts.

Many operators have signed new sponsorship deals in the past month or so, with 1xBet agreeing to partner two major EPL clubs – Chelsea and Champions League Winners Liverpool. Paddy Power (Flutter Entertainment) and GVC are two of the largest players in the industry and if they’re calling for a shirt sponsorship ban, that might have an effect on the industry as a whole.

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