Pariplay To Donate To Save The Rhino

Viktor Vangelov | Published 8 Mar 2019, 4:06 p.m.

If you’re an online slots fan and have some experience with online casinos, you have probably encountered the name Pariplay and perhaps you have played some of their online slots. The company this time entered the news for its contribution to a noble cause.

Namely, Pariplay’s partnership with Save the Rhino International has just been announced. Save the Rhino International, for those who aren’t familiar with their work, are a UK-based charitable organisation that has been working to save the rhinos for 25 years now.

Save The Rhino International And Their Mission

The partnership makes a lot of sense, considering that Pairplay have just released their Rumble Rhino slot and with this collaboration they show their commitment to the wellbeing of African and Asian rhinos. The rhinoceros is an endangered species and organisations that fight for its preservation need all the help they can get.

Save The Rhino International have contributed a lot to the preservation of the rhinos in the past two and a half decades. Their long-term goal is to protect all rhino species. The organisation received help from multiple partner-organisations, NGOs and only in the last year they raised more than £2.7 million. In addition to conversation programmes, SRI has also funded educational projects as well as other initiatives.

There is a total of five rhino species at the moment and three of them are seriously endangered. Illegal trade and poaching are the two most harmful activities for the preservation of the rhinoceros. Save the Rhino are trying to conserve rhinos in their natural territories where they’ll be protected from poaching and trade.

Rumble Rhino Slot Released

Rumble Rhino slot is a game that features a plotline which has been aligned with the central vision of the organisation, players get to go on a virtual African exploration, travel through the savannah and discover the wonderful natural habitat of the rhinos.

Aligning with Save the Rhino’s vision, Rumble Rhino displays the rhinoceros at the centre of its game, which is designed to send players on an African exploration across the savanna and discover the raw beauty surrounding them. Rumble Rhino players will be greeted by a scenic introductory video that further expands on the partnership, providing information about the rhinos and depicting them thriving in their natural habitat.

The game has a four by four grid featuring both standard and special symbols such as scatters and wilds. There are two bonus games – free spins and a special, themed bonus game.

Both Organisations Very Excited About The Partnership

Both organisations were pretty happy about the partnership deal. The Partnership Manager at Save the Rhino International said that only thanks to the support of the partners, the organisation is able to keep up its work with the aim to preserve rhino species. She also stated that they’re delighted to announce the partnership on their 25-year anniversary.

One Pariplay’s directors said that they remain strongly dedicated to social responsibility and are excited to announce their partnership with Save the Rhino International, as that gives them the opportunity to help their cause. Part of all profits that come from Rumble Rhino will go towards Save the Rhino International.

Save the Rhino International is a registered charity in the UK, so all interested parties can provide financial and other kinds of support to their efforts which will enable them to further preserve and save the African and Asian rhinoceros from extinction.