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Martin Anastasovski | Published 17 Oct 2017, 11:53 a.m.

Learn what RTP (Return to Player) means with this detailed explanation of the term.

What is RTP?

How Does RTP Work?

RTP Limits

Slot Games with the Best RTP

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So, you are on our site and you are reading this article, which means you are a fan of online slot games. By playing online slot games, you are following the rules, terms and conditions that come together with them, and it is a nice idea to get familiar with them as you are going to come across them pretty often. The rules can be found at every game with a little question mark somewhere at the bottom, but this article is dedicated to something called RTP or Return to Player. If you are unfamiliar with this term, we suggest you stick around with it, as it might change the way you choose your favourite video slot games.

What Is RTP?

RTP or Return to Player can sometimes be also found as a Payout Percentage. It is the theoretical percentage that is being returned to the player. It is very simple to explain what it means – it returns the amount of percentage determined by the game developers to the players while keeping the rest for themselves.

For example, if the game states that it has a 95% return to player and you put in £100, you should get £95 back. The other £5 is going to the operator of the slot, developer, the company or whatsoever. This is the most simplistic way of looking at the RTP, although practically it is much different.

How Does RTP Work?

We have to mention that this percentage is met once every 10,000 or 100,000 spins, which is determined by the developers of the slot game. The length of time is of key importance and they will almost never occur once every £100. While going up the road to the determined number of spins, the percentage will constantly rise and fall, and it will have some drastic variations. While this seems strange, if the percentage meets the stated one for the previously determined number of spins, it is absolutely correct.

This is due to the fact that in the given example of 95% every win, including the major jackpots is calculated, therefore the machine, or online slots need to collect the insane numbers that they are giving away before they can pay them out. The whole point is for you to be in the group of the lucky players instead of the ones that are only filling the online slot’s stack.

Some RTP Limits

When it comes to offline slot machines, depending on the location around the world, there are different minimum payout limits, for example in New Jerseyit’s 83% and Nevadacomes with 75%, while in the UK there is no limit but the percentage has to be displayed on the machine. It is obvious – people will go after the machines with the highest RTP percentage.

For online slots, it is always around 95% with minor ups and downs in this number, and it is a pretty satisfying number for every slot player. 

Slot Games With the Best RTP

Now that you know what RTP is, we are pretty sure you would like to try some of the games with high RTP. Here is a list of the top 10 video slot games with the highest RTP so check them out.

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       1. Goblin's Cave - 99.32% RTP

By Playtech

Reels: 3, Paylines: 3

An interesting game developed by Playtech in 2013. It has amazing graphics and intriguing music where the theme of the game is revolving inside a cave full of gold coins and shiny, lit, valuable objects. The three reels and paylines form a 3x3 grid which is not by any means a boring game, but an obvious distributor of winning combinations. 
The option to Hold a certain symbol on the reels while spinning the other ones is a great addition to the game and makes the winning combinations more frequent.
You can trigger the bonus game where you choose one of the 11 chests full of gold that will reveal your price. Allow the old goblin to host and lead you through this game, and expect some lucrative wins from it!

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       2. Ugga Bugga - 99.07% RTP

By Playtech

Reels: 3, Paylines: 10

Something Wicked this way comes! And the sound is not a pleasant one! but wait, don't get scared right away!
Ugga Bugga is another Playtech game that gives 99.07% cash back to the players playing this interesting game. With one bonus feature and frequent Wild symbol, it is not surprising why people love Ugga Gugga, which keeps only 0.93% for the house.
As soon as you enter the game, you will notice 10 different sets of reels that act and are turned independently. Choose the number you want to spin, set the denomination, and kick-start your unique slot adventure. 
With a maximum multiplier of 1,000x your stake, you should definitely try the Ugga Bugga online slot video game from the link above, as we offer nice bonuses and free spins on top of what the game offers.

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       3. Ooh Aah Dracula - 99% RTP

By Barcrest

Reels:5, Paylines: 10

The Perfect Combination of Horror and Comedy ensures this Barcrest online slot video game that goes by the name of Ooh Aah Dracula has enough satisfied players spinning the reels. The amazing design and inviting sounds are most definitely a positive addition to the best feature this game offers - the RTP!

Technically the base game offers a 96% RTP but the High Roller Bets are offering an amazing 99% RTP which puts it in one of the online video slot games with best RTP.

Apart from that, the bonus features that are found in this game are whopping and you should not hesitate to click the link above, as we offer nice bonuses and free spins on top of what the game can already give.

ooh-aah-dracula | Slotswise

       4. Mega Joker - 98.90% RTP

By NetEnt

Reels: 3, Paylines: 5

How about a time journey back where electronic slot machines were taking the giant leap towards populating the world? Net Entertainment presents you a design that will make you feel like you are in a casino in Las Vegas. 

By spinning the reels you immediately have a chance to win either the normal jackpot of 2,000x your stake or transfer to the second pair of reels, where you are one step away from winning the Progressive Jackpot. 

Mega Joker is a slot game with 1.1% house edge, and the RTP of 98.90% is throughout the whole game, unlike some of the previously mentioned ones where it varies. Despite the lacking of a Wild symbol and Bonus features, you can still get some free spins if you decide to go to the link above.

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       5. Alaxe In Zombieland - 98.86% RTP

By Microgaming

Reels: 5, Paylines: 25

Alaxe in Zombieland I just one of the many slot games that are developed with 5 reels and 25 paylines, but don't get scared just yet, as it has something big to offer.

This childhood story inspired video slot game focuses on Alaxe and how her life was adventurous after going to the wonderland, except, this time, it's a modified version where she goes into Zombieland instead.

The game offers two bonus features, where one is a Free Spins feature and the other one is the Red Queen's Adventure Bonus feature.

What makes this game great is 98.86% of RTP that it offers throughout the whole game! This is something that you should not miss, and by clicking on the link below you will be taken to our review of it, and you can choose one of the sites where you want to play, depending on the bonus you wish to claim.

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       6. Blood Suckers - 98% RTP

By NetEnt

Reels: 5, Paylines: 25

Are you interested in a fantastic game which revolves around blood and vampires? This online slot video game developed by NetEnt has several advantages over the other similar games because of a few things.

There are two wild cards featuring a Vampire and a Girl, and one Scatter symbol represented by Undead Bride which are here to bring some whopping wins to your address. On the other hand, this game is well known as one of the games with the best RTP, as it takes the 6th position on this list.

Here, you can get up to £50,000 payout as the jackpot of Blood Suckers. The 2% that is left for the house invites players back to these creepy reels. Click on the link above to find out more, and to claim some of our bonuses and free spins!

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       7. Good Girl, Bad Girl - 97.80% RTP

By Betsoft

Reels: 5, Paylines: 30

We all have those two little creatures on both of our shoulders - the angel and the devil. But what if I tell you that they are here to bring you the most lucrative awards there are, and host you in one of the most interesting slot games that you've played?

Good Girl Bad Girl is a fantastically developed online video slot game by Betsoft that has several things that will keep you entertained and won't let you go off the reels. The whole screen is divided into good and evil, both represented by two girls. There are two Progressive Jackpots, two Wilds, two Bonus games and amazing RTP percentage.

One of the rare 3D slots that offer a nice RTP, where the Devil and the Angel are playing one against another in order to reward you with some lucrative wins. Check out the amazing special features on the link above, and claim the bonuses and free spins that we offer.

good_girl_bad_girl | Slotswise

       8. Kings of Chicago - 97.80% RTP

By NetEnt

Reels: 5, Paylines: 25

Not often we see a video slot game that is merged with a poker game, but Kings of Chicago offers a new kind of experience that you have to try. 

Here, the symbols that are usually lower valued ones, are prioritized, and you would be happy to see them. The 10, Jack, Queen, King and the Ace are something to look forward to, while the combination of the other cards will still bring you lucrative wins.

The joker card is the Wild one, and it picks one random card to be a scatter for the turn, as they work together to activate the bonus feature and award you with sole whopping prices.

The best thing about this game besides its originality is the RTP that it offers to the players. Up to 97.80% of the cash is returned to the players, which makes it even more exciting and inviting. Give it a shot on the link above, grab the bonuses and free spins that we offer, and have fun.

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     9. Devil's Delight - 97.60% RTP

By NetEnt

Reels: 5, Paylines: 20

Devil themed games are not that popular among the Slot lovers, but this one offers a nice RTP that will most definitely keep you on the reels.

Net Entertainment knows how to make an inviting slot, and Devil's Delight is one of them. With two bonus features, one including Free Spins, it will most certainly grab your attention. If you follow the link from above you can see that the Devil himself is the wild symbol, and the pentagram as the scatter will give you lucrative wins through these bonus features. 

Check out the amazing RTP of 97.60%, which puts this game on the list of top 10 games with best RTP in the online video slot world. We have a fantastic offer just one click away, with bonuses and more free spins for you to get kick-started with the devil adventures!

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       10. Simsalabin - 97.50% RTP 

By NetEnt

Reels: 5, Paylines: 25

Everything is better when you put a little bit of magic on it! It's the same with Simsalabim, so let the magic take over your world and award you with whopping prizes.

Net Entertainment knows exactly what is happening and they have created one of the better online slot video games where the five reels and 25 win lines will make sure you are on the right track of receiving some fantastic, whopping rewards.

The game is known for its two bonus features where it offers free spins together with the multipliers and Rabit Bonus game.

Check out the link above and the amazing RTP that this game offers, which is 97.50% - the 10th game in this list of online video slot gmes with the best Return to Player percentage.

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